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Birthday big brother episode 4

Aug 24, 2019 by SeaViper
8 remain, who will be evicted?


Jordan (24) (Husband of a friend)
Florence (72) (Grandmother)
Barbra (22) (Co-worker)
Kate (29) (Cousin)
Kara (22) (Friend)
Adam (23) (Boyfriend at the time)
Anne (21) (Friend)
Kelly (23) (Friend)

So, as I announced last eviction, it was time for the battle back!

For the challenge, the four ex-house guests had to answer a series of questions. First to answer correctly gets 3 points, second, 2 points, third, 1 point, and fourth, no points. There were ten questions. In reverse order:

4: Erin (5 points)
3: Jessica (7 points)
2: Jack (12 points)
1: Amber (14 points)

So with that, my little sister returned to the game!

9 remain, who will be evicted next?


Jordan (24) (Husband of a friend)
Florence (72) (Grandmother)
Barbra (22) (Co-worker)
Kate (29) (Cousin)
Kara (22) (Friend)
Adam (23) (Boyfriend at the time)
Anne (21) (Friend)
Kelly (23) (Friend)
Amber (17) (Sister)

The second Amber returned to the house, the next HOH started. Somewhere in the house, was a white toy rabbit, with "Love" written on it. The first person to find, and bring it to me will win. People are aloud to snatch and stuff. Whoever gives it back to me wins!

Kara find the bunny, but Adam snatches it off her, making a break to me. Barbra tackles Adam to the ground at the last second, returning to bunny to me, and becoming the winner of the challenge!

Barbra's nominations were blunt and harsh

Jordan, because he was too powerful
Amber, because she was too powerful

Barbra was the only neutral person left. She had nominated one from both alliances. Was it a clever, or stupid move?

At this point, Adam decided to leave the older alliance. He said that it wouldn't be an interesting game when it's just a battle, joining Barbra in the neutral zone, and even befriending her. A new alliance had began

POV players: Barbra, Jordan, Amber, Kara, Florence, Anne

The POV challenge was simple. Cook a meal. The rest of the guests would try it anonymously, and decide which one was the best.

Barbra made a fruit salad. "Delicious, yet VERY simple"

Jordan made beans on toast "I can imagine this was made by someone who has very limited cooking knowledge..."

Amber whipped up her classic sticky toffee pudding "Good, but not good enough"

Kara made mac 'N' cheese "Shop bought"

Florence made her homemade scones "This was delicious"

Anne made fried rice "Not so sure about this"

Those above quotes were what I wrote down of the food reviews. In the end, Florence's homemade scones won the vote, crowning Florence the POV!

Florence didn't take much convincing. She saved Jordan in a blink of an eye. Kate suddenly found herself on the chopping block against Amber


Jordan voted to evict Amber
Florence voted to evict Amber
Kelly voted to evict Kate
Kara voted to evict Kate
Adam voted to evict Kate
Anne voted to evict Kate

By a vote of 4-2, Kate has been evicted from the house!


12: Jack (5-4)
11: Erin (5-3)
10: Jessica (2-2, tiebreaker vote)
9: Kate (4-2)

Who do you want gone next?

Who do you want to win?

The final three will honestly shock you. It shocked me lol




You know I think Im ready for some Escape Time now so...
*Falls into a hole*
Sent by ColinCoco,Aug 24, 2019
ColinCoco ET will continue as normal. I'm just giving people time to send in their character traits
Sent by SeaViper,Aug 24, 2019
I'll send mine tomorrow seaviper

Sent by hellocat,Aug 24, 2019

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