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Birthday big brother episode 2

Aug 24, 2019 by SeaViper
11 remain, who will be evicted next?


Amber (17) (Sister)
Jordan (24) (Husband of a friend)
Jessica (23) (School friend/ married to Jordan)
Florence (72) (Grandmother)
Barbra (22) (Co-worker)
Kate (29) (Cousin)
Kara (22) (Friend)
Adam (23) (Boyfriend at the time)
Anne (21) (Friend)
Erin (22) (Friend)
Kelly (23) (Friend)

The guests said their final goodbye to Jack, and then it was time for the HOH

I set up a huge bucket of apples. Each guest had one minute to get out as many apples as they can, with only their teeth.

It comes down to Jessica and Amber, but Jessica wins.

Jessica speaks with Jordan, Florence, Kate and Adam. The alliance realizes the house is split between two groups. Jordan plans a backdoor on Amber, because of how good at challenges she is, and she seems to be the leader of the group. The rest of the alliance agrees. Jessica nominates:

Erin because they hadn't spoken much
Kelly because they hadn't spoken much

Amber, Kara, Anne, Erin and Kelly all discuss, and come to terms with the fact that one of them will be voted out this time. Barbra is the only one in neutral ground.

Nobody had spoken strategy to Barbra , so she had no idea what was going on. Then, it was time to draw the veto players
(Jessica, Erin, Kelly, Barbra, Amber and Jordan)

For the POV, the guests had to eat gross food. At the end of each round, the two people in last place get eliminated.

Round one was drinking pure vinegar with a straw. Jordan finished first, followed by Amber, Barbra and Jessica, eliminating Erin and Kelly.

Round two was eating five union slices. After some screaming, Jessica and Amber got into the final 2.

The final round was a smoothie....filled with some of the most disgusting things I could find. It had two flavors of milkshake, a sprinkle of pepper, some vinegar, some tomato sauce, salt, chocolate and fish eyes. Yum. After offering to pay the winner 100 pounds, they both finally gave it a go, with Amber holding out longer.

The older alliance's plan was ruined, as their target had just won POV. They had trouble decoding which one they should send home, and the decision was made. Amber used the POV on Kelly.

Jessica nominated Anne because they haven't talked, and have never met before.

Here's how to the vote went:

Amber voted to evict Erin
Jordan voted to evict Anne
Florence voted to evict Anne
Barbra voted to evict Erin
Kate voted to evict Anne
Kara voted to evict Erin
Adam voted to evict Erin
Kelly voted to evict Erin

By a vote of 5-3, Erin is the second person evicted from the house!


While it seems two alliances rule the house, a twist is about to change that


12: Jack (5-4)
11: Erin (5-3)


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Sent by SeaViper,Aug 24, 2019
Wonder how your grandmother copes with the challenges :o
Sent by ColinCoco,Aug 24, 2019
ColinCoco lol. She volunteers to sit our of the physical ones
Sent by SeaViper,Aug 24, 2019

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