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Survivor FvFvF Episode 1 (First boot stays first boot)

Jan 12, 2019 by SeaViper
Welcome to survivor First vs Forgotten vs First boots! We have three tribes of six, so lets get this show rolling! We have a new twist, being Exile island.The tribe that finishes first will win immunity and the ability to send someone from either of the losing teams to exile island. They will miss tribal. Also on exile, they have a 1 in 4 chance of getting an idol

First place:

Rob Marinio
Nick Wilson
Richard Hatch
Queen Sandra
Tina Wesson
Parvati Shallow

First boot:

Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu)
Chicken Morris (China)
David Samson (Cagayan)
Francesca Hogi (Redemption island, Caramoan)
So Kim (Worlds apart)
Sonja Christopher (Borneo)

Forgotten: (For forgotten, I went with players that I watched their seasons, but don't really remember who they were)

Ashley Massaro (China)
Rachel Fougler (Blood vs water)
Christine Shields Maroski (South Pacific)
Matt Quinlan (One world)
Gary Strikesky (Fiji)
Jim Lynch (Guatamala)

Everything was decided randomly.

Immunity: First place
Immunity: Forgot
Exiled: Jim (Guatamala)

I'll read the votes!

First vote....Francesca
Francesca (2 votes Francesca)
First person voted out of survivor FvFvF.....Francesca. That's 3 votes and that's enough. Well, in last season you got 16th, this season you got 18th. Well done!

Jim did not find the idol!

18th: Francesca Hogi



rip francesca :/
Sent by Tester,Jan 12, 2019
omg me @ you NOT remembering Christine Shields Maroski
Sent by BigBrother_78,Jan 12, 2019
BigBrother_78 I remember her, I just thought other people had probably forgotten her, same for Rachel,and then the other 4 I literally don't remember
Sent by SeaViper,Jan 12, 2019

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