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Survivor Favorites vs Favorites episode 18 (Reunion)

Jan 11, 2019 by SeaViper
It's time to reveal the winner! Before we do so, here is the cast:

20th: Gearvase Peterson
19th: Kara Kay
18th: Parvati Shallow
17th: NaOnka Mixon
16th: Fransesca Hogi
15th: Queen Sandra
14th: Heidi
13th: Natalie Cole
12th: Cirie Fields
11th: Hayden Moss
10th: Christy Smith
9th: Jerri Manthey
8th: Andrea Boelike
7th: Jenna Morasca
6th: Candice Woodcock
5th: Angelina Keeley
4th: Colleen
Kat Edorrson
Amber Bkirch
Kelley Wentworth

Before I reveal the winner, here are the awards!

Fan fav: Angelina!
Well done Angelina, you win $500,000
Fan least fav: Amber
Well Amber, don't take is personally, but still win $1 lol
Most votes: Amber
Well done Amber, that's two awards for you!
Least votes: Heidi
Heidi, you just fell short of jury with two fatal votes.
Comp beast: Candice
You did decently!
Comp kindergartner: Amber
Wow, a third prize in one show!
Best Blindside (Game): Angelina first vote out at final 7

Everything from this point was decided randomly

Ok, it's time for the winner to be revealed!

First vote...Amber
Amber (2 votes to win Amber)
Kat (2 votes to win Kat)
Kelley (2 votes to win Kelley)
Kat (3 votes to win Kat)
Amber (3 votes to win Amber)
Kat (4 votes to win Kat)
The winner of survivor favorites vs favorites....Kat! Congratulations Kat, you have won survivor Favorites vs Favorites! Kelley, I really thought you were going to take it, in another life maybe. Amber, you won three awards but not the most important of all.

My next season, I will now reveal the cast of survivor First vs First boot vs Forgotten, where there will be an equal balance of men and women!

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