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PYN and i'll tell you

2ndJul 6, 2017 by SeaKing
which bb us player you remind me of. if i don't know you i will go from what i've seen or heard about you

#ImGonnaWin - Kevin (BB11) Your looks are similar when it comes to how exotic you two are. Both of you are nice, caring and loyal but at the same time inappropriate in the diary room and bitchy at times lmao

#Roshy - Ragan (BB12) You would fit so well into my family i feel like even tho i don't know you that well. But you just really seem like an all around nice guy and you're not afraid of telling people how it is. You also stand up for yourself when needed and I really like that!

#2388 - Elena (BB19) You keep up with everything that's going on in the media wether it's about pop artists or unknown pianists, just like Elena does. You're such a nice person and you treat people how they treat you which I've seen Elena do too.

#Lazeric - Shelli (BB17) We've never really talked but you really seem like a great guy from what I've seen. We should definitely team up and play some games or get to know each other. You just seem to be energetic and like a good game player if given the chance, which reminds me of Shelli.

#AllieBoBallie - Shelby (BBOTT) feel like we've talked a few years ago but i'm not sure?? anyways you're actually a girl and not a #genderfaker and you seem to be very fun outgoing and friendly with everyone. But you also have a tendency of falling in love I think, however the showmance card never really works out for you.

#GoodKaren - Whitney (BBOTT) Your username, crop top and halo have all one thing in common. However I do think you're ready to get down and dirty in games and it's all good because you use your southern charm to seem innocent and get away with stuff, which will probably help you in games.

#BigBrotherDonny - Elissa (BB15) You know the difference between being a sheep and being loyal, that's what I love about you! We've played hunger and you were not afraid to make big moves, which completely respect.

#Eoin - Jessica (BB19) I don't think we've ever talked even tho you've been here since 2010. My gut is telling me you're not afraid of drama and you really like reality TV

#PureEssence - Porsche (BB13) You're a fast gifter, which means that you would do good in competitions where running is required. overall you seem like a cool person that is full of love and positivity. and if you feel like it you take out the sass that you usually hide.

#Sexgoddx - Amanda (BB15) Malibu, you can sing, you can dance and you can also play a great game... This you've proven numerous times in past games like stars, frookies etc. You're potentially the star of the show in the upcoming season of #TeaBrother which PREMIERES TOMORROW (don't forget to tune in guys!!). Last but not least, I definitely see you being more of a villainous girl tho!

#m7md26 - Austin (BB17) You're great at hosting games and I can see you being a nice leader. With a cute girl on your side, it's safe to say you're one of the alpha males this season.

#Christian_ - Cameron (BB19) You seem like a very cool dude tbh! One that might use his flat stomach to stay off the block maybe?? or potentially stripping for votes?

#Absol - Julia (BB17) Your crop top says it all! You're definitely not afraid to be the bitch of the season and I love that. But I definitely think it's an act, you're a shy person and a nice girl.

#Marwane - Danielle (BBOTT) I think you told me once you were someones multi but I might be truly wrong?? :X i just can't remember but i like your avatar and you're probably not afraid to state your opinions! Seems to me like you can be a good player if you really try.

#Mickiejames22 - Bridgette (BB18) You seem to be over the top goofy and in love with music. Definitely see you being optimistic and energetic like Bridgette from BB18!

#Steel - Hayden (BB12) You're straight and you love to flirt with the girls this summer. However you might be just a little bit too egotistical which might hurt your game. And don't be afraid of admitting your love for the color pink, that won't change your alpha male persona you've built up!

#DrG2 - Brittany (BB16) You seem to be very cold, frozen and you say yes. Sometimes it's hard to really get what's on your mind and you can easily spin out of control.

#melindaMrskk - Aaryn (BB15) You hate people for no reason and you call them ugly, which is not cool dude. I think you need to learn from your mistakes and get to know people before you judge them. Aside from that, there's no question that you're actually a very good competitor and one that I would like to align myself with in games, if you were a little bit nicer. 

#_Aria - Natalie (BB18) You're super-girly and into fashion! Maybe it's your game to get everyone out with your kindness and the latest designer dresses?? ;)

#Krisstea - Jordan (BB11, BB13) America's favorite, America's sweetheart? That's you!!

#Marietori - Cody (BB16) You definitely enjoy to mass the pleases and you're a cutie tbh :* Hopefully you'll stay around all summer so you can wear pink short shorts and have America love your dance moves!!

#Steven999 - Keesha (BB10) You're open to forming new friendships and you give a good first impression. Although I do think you seem to be the type of player that would do absolutely anything to win the competitions that you need to win.

#Ethan000 - McCrae (BB15) Ethan, you seem to be a super funny guy that's at the same time observant and calculating. I feel like you're greatest weapon in the game will be to calm people down. Your downfall will be getting into a showmance that you're later gonna regret. But if you come back for another season, you know not to make the same mistake again, so you might have it in the bag the 2nd time around.

#sjsoccer88 - Brandon (BB12, BB13) You're sitting pretty in the HOF and your KPG is good! Definitely a tough competitor that will beast through all the competitions this summer.

#joe1110 - James (BB6, BB7) You're cocky and arrogant, sometimes people might feel like you hate them. Other than that you're actually very loyal in games and deep down a nice guy. If people see that in you, they will definitely start working with you more. Work on your social game girl!!

GrrrImABear - Derrick (BB16) Your karma per game is looking nice and you are definitely a force to be reckoned with in games! Strategist? Comp beast? and dope social game?? Yep, you've pretty much got it all. Hit me up if you wanna play with me lol! 

RoboZoe - Carol (BB8) I think if they don't get you out in the beginning you can make it really far in the game! Athletic, fast food lover and a sweet sassy vibe is what i get from you.

Ribbons - Laura (BB11) You are you and you don't kiss ass just to win AFP! But you definitely like to hang out in your bikini just to win over some trust in the game.

ghrocky100 - Mark (BB19) I feel like you're just a guy that loves to have fun but when it's game time you're definitely ready to fight! When you're in an alliance with someone, you are loyal and you do anything to keep the group together. You're giving me teddybear vibes!

Ashleybabyx3 - Janelle (BB6, BB7, BB14) If anyone gets to be the Big Brother Queen, my favorite BB player of all time, it will be you. I think you and Janelle have a lot of similarities. You're both comp queens. As seen, you do very well in games and you stop at nothing to win!! like i'm jealous of all your frookies wins and people will do anything to break your winning streaks, because YOU ARE JANELLE. But you don't care, because that's what you do best, is win. You're always rocking a blonde weave no matter how short or wavy it is that day. Even tho you're a BB legend you sometimes find yourself getting robbed for 3rd place. At the end of the day, that's ok. #Mindovermatter is the hashtag you use to get through the day and all the tough competitions.

IceBeast - Dan (BB10, BB14) People fear greatness. And I think your social game definitely is infused with greatness. It seems to me like you're very popular and people love to be around you. After all, winning Stars twice and being so good at hunger doesn't only require a great social game. You need to have a strong strategic mind that no one can break through and I see you having that. You're also super good at Survivor, so you pretty much have the whole package bro! Definitely very much like Dan.

Bowkane - Megan (BB19) You are very chill and easy to talk to. People tend to either really like you or not like you at all I feel like. When you're with the people you like, you show love and you desperately need them to show love back to you, which is understandable. But I do think BB might be just a little bit too much for you. Your optimal dream is to go into the house, get into a hot showmance and have him take you all the way to the end. But that's not gonna happen baby, everyone's there to win the game for themselves. So when you realize that you're gonna get kicked out eventually you'll just walk since you might not be able to handle it all the craziness. LOL but ily and i definitely hope that you don't give up!!

pizzawithcookirs - Jackie (BB17) We used to talk about shops and spamming before and I def think we should get to know each other better man! You're really kind and trustworthy I feel like.

Music - Howard (BB15) I like you a lot! You're very cool, calm and collected.

DakotaCoons - Steve (BB17) We were supposed to hunger together, too bad i didn't get into the game! from what i saw, you don't like to cause drama or waves in the house. It's pretty much the opposite, you're very kind hearted, mature and you make sure the people coming after you are gone before they can put a finger on you.

Jameslu - Ian (BB14) You're definitely not afraid of playing games on here and I respect how much you fight in every game you're in. Sometimes I feel like you underestimate yourself but when given the chance, you easily rise to the top deliberately and you're very aware of your own strategic skills. Being a little sneaky never hurts you unless you're caught with it! :P

Pokepat - Chicken George (BB1, BB7) I've never seen you around, so that means that you are not one to create drama or paranoia. You like to fly under the radar as much as you can and I think you seem very relaxed, someone I would like to play with sometime :)

mikec51 - Lane (BB12) You're one heck of a competitor, I mean just look at all the firsts on your profile?! And you don't seem to be afraid of showing some muscle, like just look at your arms? Finally, you're not even afraid of making fun of yourself, that red nose does suit you!

Lemjam6 - Rachel (BB12, BB13) 6 time Stars finalist, 7 time Hunger winner, 400+ gifts and HOF?? Damn girl, looks like you're one of the BB queens.

JordanLloydFan - Jeff (BB11, BB13) The name says it all. You are a Jordan stan which automatically makes me think you're Jeff, because he is after all her #1 fan!

Eva1 - Maggie (BB6) I feel like I've barely seen you on this site at all! This makes me think that you love working people behind the scenes and then pop up at the end of the game to claim the grand prize!

Galaxies - Cody (BB19) Seems like you are unfortunately very hated on this site, but you've always been nice to me tbh so i'm very conflicted! You were in love with Jessica before the game even started, so I suspect you are Cody! 

BengalBoy - Clay (BB17) You're probably the modern day Anglo-Saxon king of England and every twist thrown into the game you know your buff arms can crush. Be careful tho, your eyes are after the ladies and they might take advantage of that weakness of yours. Instead, you have to make them call you daddy while you evict them one by one.

Jenzie - Jodi (BB14) Stomach flu, wooden legs... Girl you're a mess! Only the cameras inside can save you, too bad you can't use them to take Kylie Jenner selfies. Did someone say #firstboot??

FighterMan - Justin (BB2) Your dream is to sit on the iron throne and rule over the seven kingdoms. Tbh, i'm afraid you might get crazy and think you have to kill people in the house instead of evicting them. That will eventually get you expelled bro.

s73100 - Michelle (BB18) I haven't really talked to you that much besides on Skype once I think. Anyhow, I've seen you plenty of times all around tengaged. Wether it's on the blog page or the shopping page, you have your seat secured! You're opinionated in a right kind of way, so keep on going girl.

KatherinePierce - Joey (BB16) Fashion icon, goddess, royalty... The list goes on. You're a helpful person that everyone should love, because you're just amazing. Unfortunately, you're probably gonna be a robbed #queen because you're a bit clueless when it comes to the Big Brother game. Just be you and play the game for the experience, America is for sure gonna LOVE you. Just please don't bring out the scissors if you ever feel betrayed, that might get you expelled! Unless you use them to make cute cropped hoodies for the houseguests? yep, now that's a strategy! ;) 

THEChanelOberlin - Aaryn (BB15) Your dream is to be like Chanel Oberlin and be a leader inside the BB house. With your side hoes GinaMarie (Chanel #5) and Kaitlin (Chanel #3), you're definitely ready to kick some butt this summer. Too bad America is gonna end up hating you after week one already when you start opening your mouth.

jakehou97 - Nick (BB8) You're such a sports guy! My guess is that you'll crush every physical competition if you have the right type of protein shakes ready in beforehand. 

dwipeouts - Kevin (BB19) You seem to be a goofy guy that isn't afraid to throw jokes around. The sound of crying babies bugs you out and by that my guess is that you're ultimate fear is to become the cry baby of the season. No daddy wants to show their emotions right? At least when you have 7 kids you don't want to!

Megan - Cassi (BB13) You're the underdog of the season. I truly think you can go far in the game because of your kindness and fairness. But if there are no rabbits in the house, you might end up crying a lot in the diary room. It's suspicious that you went to the same high school that Cassi went to... Maybe that's because you are Cassi?! btw, you should message me, i've missed you megan! :)

Hisoka - Alison (BB4) I feel like people either love your hate you, there's no in between. If people gave you a fair chance, I'm sure they would all love you because you're just a genuine, down to earth person. With a future career in the modeling business, I'm sure you can turn things around in the BB house and use your looks to get far in the game. 

brandonpinzu - Drew (BB5) When I look at all the first places on your profile, it makes me wanna win no matter what. We all wanna be like you buddy. You're a champ, you're a beast.

TylerTheGreat - Zach (BB8) You mind your own business and don't like confrontations. People might not see how great you are, but when you shake their hands and look them in the eyes, all they see is ZachTheGreat.

MJFJUNE - Glenn (BB18) You're a superfan and you dislike recruits! However your trip in the BB house might get cut short this season due to bad luck.


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