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Every +15 I’ll tag someone who’s obsessed with me

Apr 16, 2020 by SaskiaRae
15 - Thirteen he stalks me everyday and night watching me from my window. Should I be scared or not? Not sure

30- paul028 honestly I love the guy but he’s constantly asking me for nudes and I don’t even wear that brand of makeup nor do I wear makeup in the first place this guy won’t quit until I PayPal him £££

45- Malaya_ 15th place looks good on you

60- Tammy2144 ur literally the worst person ever constantly hitting me up in dms like can u not I don’t want ur faggot rat invested ass anywhere near me. How’s unemployment going btw? Or you still a leach on society 

75- Tester always apply for his games but I can’t believe he had the nerve to tag me in the following season before I even applied how disgusting and obsessive can you be 

90- sk8ergal she’s always touching my tits when I shake them like Ik my tits are amazing but my tits are very sensitive

105- CocoVanderbilt I remember when she use to be a basic ass Avi and now the hoe be looking fly af this bitch is so obsessed with commenting nice shit and flattering me and Ik all she wants is to get in my pants the girl won’t quit


expose me hun
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Apr 16, 2020
Tammy is waiting.
Sent by Thirteen,Apr 16, 2020
Sent by Tester,Apr 17, 2020
I agree with 45 tbh….15th place is all that Malaya_ can really achieve in life LMAO!!
Sent by Tammy2144,Apr 17, 2020

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