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  1. The sexiest man alive
  2. Just wondering
  3. Best rpdr lipsyncs?
  4. Add 3 designs to speed up dc pls
  5. Lmao why do I even bother with designs
  6. What do we do if this shit doesn’t end???
  7. I’ll have a gift wow slay me
  8. *Shakes Tits*
  9. Who wanna gift me Slut Galore
  10. Can u get any gayer?
  11. For Every +15
  12. All hail TaraG
  13. Stop tagging me in ur trashy blogs
  14. If Tammy finds u attractive
  15. Pls post porn and get banned again
  16. Who broke Tammy’s streak
  17. I understand you all completely
  18. Why U so obsessed with me
  19. Ur such a fucking cunt
  20. Covid-19 taking innocent lives
  21. Imagine
  22. Cry me a river sweetie
  23. Tammy doesn’t hate women
  24. I’m
  25. Current mood
  26. Another night of porn and tissues
  27. Joe told me to cut toxic people out my life
  28. Anyone wanna g4g the coat
  29. Anyone doing bogo deals?
  30. Who thought putting a mans penis
  31. Watch a white person do it next week
  32. Bbcan production is shit
  33. Where’s my gift tho?
  35. I.....
  36. Someone fill casting with multis pls
  38. Thx for the gift Ik who u are XD
  39. Comment Netflix suggestions pls
  40. Imagine


Feb 12, 2020 by SaskiaRae
Why would I buy or gift a 400ts design when I can wait for someone to post for 200 so I can gift or buy myself 2 designs yall on crack


Be my sugar daddy
Sent by Tammy2144,Feb 12, 2020
tammy2144 no I’m not gay
Sent by SaskiaRae,Feb 12, 2020

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