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What do I do

Dec 20, 2019 by SaskiaRae
So me and this guy I’ve now fallen for ( I’ve never fallen for someone like this lol ) but we are legit same person etc we love the same stuff like movies, shows, food and we talk for hrs but today he woke up in a mood I said I understand etc I’m hear if I need you and I’ve not heard from him since like he said he was ok but nothing after that and off what to do bc I don’t want to messege him again and him get annoyed or something but I also don’t want to not messege incase he feels like I’m not there for him. Like idek what to do bc I’ve never been in a situation like this


if its been awhile then i say message him and ask how hes feeling
Sent by Thumper91,Dec 20, 2019
i wish i could help but idk
Sent by Cadden,Dec 20, 2019
thumper91 I’m like so scared incase he gets annoyed or just completely ghosts me
Sent by SaskiaRae,Dec 20, 2019

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