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  1. *Struts in*
  2. Sits with 160
  3. Ur kinda gay and that’s ok
  4. What am I suppose to do with 120ts
  5. Tanned skin pls I don’t have enough rip
  6. Hmmmm
  7. Me bc
  8. Why must uk shows get shittier every year
  9. Copy and paste the last thing u googled
  10. Gift me black female skin pls
  11. I’m a stupid idiot hoe
  12. Well
  13. Hi my name is jooE
  14. 27 days without you
  15. LMFAO (gif)
  16. Someone gift me Kathryn top pls
  17. Ily @ people who actually check to see if I’m..
  19. SOOOO HOT 🥵
  20. I just went to a club
  21. who run the world? Gays or straights
  23. I’m alive
  24. I’m very inactive lately
  25. 💓
  26. Shook y’all didn’t bet on me in Paul’s..
  27. I-
  28. I’ve never slept with a woman
  29. First Group Game Win 💅🏼
  30. Vote for miss Saskia to win xo
  31. Aww ty for the surprise gift
  32. Can someone post the ginger hair w/buff
  33. I’m 21 and always tired....
  34. Help me break wind?
  35. Post this and gift me it xo
  36. Omg shook
  37. 6th member of the jury...Tana
  38. UM
  39. DA’VONNE gifs????
  40. I miss you :(

Someone gift me Kathryn top pls

Aug 15, 2019 by SaskiaRae
I’ve not asked for gifts in months lmao

Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Aug 15, 2019

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