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I’m very inactive lately

Jul 4, 2019 by SaskiaRae
I am really trying to lose weight rn before i go back to college I really want to be skinny and Hopfully i pull through and this helps me with my depression


yes do that u dont need to be active on this dying website king
Sent by AngelinaKeeleyDVG,Jul 4, 2019
Skinny little Saskia
Sent by Thirteen,Jul 4, 2019
You're perfect the way you are <3 saskiarae
Sent by adamgrant,Jul 4, 2019
It won't help with depession directly but it will help a lot with body image (as long as you're not obsessive compulsive about it)
Sent by suit,Jul 4, 2019
weight gain is often a symptom of depression but it's not usually the cause.  If you get rid of the symptom that's part of the process of getting your life back on track but it's not the main solution.
Sent by suit,Jul 4, 2019
i know... you've . been missed.
Sent by cantmanipulateme,Jul 8, 2019

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