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  1. I鈥檓 the slowest gifter ever
  3. I saw those last second buys 馃憖
  4. Lmao who negged Amanda
  5. Soooo bbcan hoh
  6. Guess my placement
  7. 1 left get it before it鈥檚 gone
  8. Buy from wonderland
  9. Damn my avi looking hot 馃槝
  10. Gift me something cute
  11. Join and help my charity rip
  12. I鈥檓 laughing
  13. If anyone has png鈥檚 for eyes & lips Pm me
  14. Join and help my 1000k charity
  15. See the light as it shines on the sea? It's..
  16. Mamma Mia is still an amazing movie
  17. All in auction <333
  18. Anyone have the png for this (pic)
  19. Comment if ur online
  20. I鈥檓 so alone in survivor rip
  21. Somewhere in the world
  22. Ok
  23. I actually miss
  24. I need this cute ass hair
  25. Add designs to speed dc pls <333
  26. Ok but
  27. Blonde side pony in auction <33
  28. If/when I get a shop
  29. Lmao
  30. I鈥檓......
  31. Um
  32. Anthony king
  33. Who has the png for this?
  34. Spam designs in to speed DC pls <333
  35. Soooo
  36. Y鈥檃ll the drama in survivor omg 馃憖
  37. Wtf is wrong with you
  38. Gift me a brain
  39. Help
  40. Add 3 designs to speed dc plss

I hate getting distracted

Mar 15, 2019 by SaskiaRae
While doing comps bitch just made me fuck up zoo


you DUMB bitch
Sent by paul028,Mar 15, 2019

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