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  1. No Avis!! Who wants the blonde hair
  2. So long for now!

17thMay 29, 2013 by Sapphirebh


yay! HI! Sapphirebh
Sent by Carsonl,May 29, 2013
You're like so pretty!
Sent by xGirlyBlondex,May 29, 2013
Who made your sign in your blog pic? He is so cute ^o^
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,May 29, 2013
That's me =+= josephinaalexis
Sent by Carsonl,May 29, 2013
you are so adorable and cute:P
Sent by aaronstevens4444,May 29, 2013
Carson is a guy?

Also thanks for the compliment. I probably spelt that wrong but o well. Also i already made up my mind about leaving for a few different reasons but thanks.

P.S Just a idea but maybe since your cold, you should probably turn on the heater. :D
Sent by skyforce25,May 29, 2013
Sent by lemonface,May 29, 2013
this is a joke to you.youve been through anger management. youve been through your grandmother getting her lights turned off to buy you a swimsuit in this competition.And you go over there and you joke and you laugh.All of america was rooting for you.You come in here and treat this like a joke. You come in here I say i cant read that. you read ten time better than half of those girls over there.And you come in here with the defeatiest attitude.BE QUIET TIFFANY.BE QUIET. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. STOP IT!!! I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this.When my mother yells at me like this it's because she loves me.I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.HOW DARE YOU? LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS. YOU GO TO BED AT NIGHT YOU LAY THERE YOU TAKE RESPONSIABLITY FOR YOURSELF CAUSE NOBODY'S GONNA TAKE RESPONSIABILITY FOR YOU. you rolling your eyes.You act like this because you heard in all before. YOU DONT KNOW WHERE THE HELL I COME FROM. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IVE BEEN THROUGH.I learned. take responsibility for yourself
Sent by ThatSexyPupNamedBre,May 29, 2013
+15 you're great!
Sent by malachite05,May 29, 2013
youre actually adorable awwww
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,May 29, 2013
nice 1 sweet pea
Sent by finklestein123,May 29, 2013
JosephinaAlexis & Carsonl it's actually me in her blog pic kty.
Sent by Sally212,May 29, 2013
Sent by Sweet_susan,May 29, 2013
Sally212 then you should make me a sign.
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,May 29, 2013
@JosephineAlexis I was kidding I'm a girl.
Sent by Sally212,May 30, 2013

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