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  1. I kid you not
  2. unpopular opinions
  3. mmm i stan
  4. Figgy and Fufu are literally the same person
  5. It’s a fucking raid
  6. OMG HEY
  7. frooks anybody?
  8. Zoon
  9. Leaving me on hold on call
  10. Both of y’all are soo good
  11. Zoon
  12. She rly is so good
  13. Just started You season 2
  14. FROOKS?
  15. I always miss enrollment
  16. Why do you gays
  18. FROOKS?
  19. stars support.
  20. Frooks?
  22. omg my two year anniversary
  23. twins
  24. Anyone wanna g4g
  25. Anyone wanna g4g
  26. shots on the hood of my car
  27. backstabber
  28. kingg shiitttt
  29. they wanted heaven from me
  30. stars support :)
  31. omg any
  32. yall leave colehausman alone.
  33. love you
  34. thank u,
  35. finally gold lvl yay
  36. king.
  37. watch out.
  38. its absurd
  39. my number 1 friend on tg
  40. the one and only

Does anyone watch American horror story?

Jan 16, 2020 by Sameed27
I couldn’t get through episode 1 of asylum it’s so bad..
but i rly liked murder house and coven and haven’t watched any other season yet


WHAT... asylum is like the best season...
Sent by top20fan33,Jan 16, 2020
top20fan33 maybe I’ll give it a shot..

I watched bits of freak show and it seemed rly good.. but I’m going to finish asylum before I attempt the other seasons
Sent by Sameed27,Jan 16, 2020

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