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  1. thank you so muchhh <3
  2. oh my
  3. I鈥檓 a bandwagon and bored 馃コ
  4. girl
  5. join frooks +4
  6. why vote me out in survivor?
  7. really novamax eating all the food
  9. +6 survivor
  10. thanks for joining survivor
  11. survivor!
  12. I have $457.2 T
  14. I鈥檓 a slut
  15. Does anyone watch American horror story?
  16. thank uu
  17. dumbasses rly doing frook charities
  18. Rare rankings
  19. Any friends want anything
  20. I鈥檓 good at everything I do
  21. neg my blog again
  22. holly Beth Allen Wyoming 67 n 24
  23. Can peas123
  24. Ginnifer
  25. Can someone gift systrix
  26. i wanna mistype and misspell on purpose too
  27. alex killed bryce
  28. late stars support :)
  29. Kat has the votes to stay
  30. I鈥檓 the most interesting person ever
  31. Analyse should鈥檝e won safety.
  32. rigged
  33. love
  34. tsk tsk
  35. aw tysm
  36. Busted my lips
  37. i miss you
  38. Do you need CBS all access
  39. HEY
  40. Thanks for the gift

Can someone gift systrix

Sep 7, 2019 by Sameed27
that supermodel skin? the dumb bitch won鈥檛 leave me alone in mails


hahaha thankyou :D
Sent by systrix,Sep 7, 2019
systrix i hope you get your gifts but that skin doesnt suit you silly :P you should wait for something that suits you more!
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 7, 2019
I was waiting for it but the price kinda shock me lol
Sent by systrix,Sep 7, 2019
@kindred i love it coz it's kinda tan perfect for filipina like me sis hehehe :P xDDD
Sent by systrix,Sep 7, 2019
Kindred7 wow are you saying she isn鈥檛 a supermodel?? I am offended for her
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Sep 7, 2019
SmoothStalker12 lmaoo that's not what she mean... my sis kindred7 think it's doesnt fit on me coz im not a tan in person.. xDDD
Sent by systrix,Sep 7, 2019
SmoothStalker12 stop putting words in my mouth!! :P what systrix said haha
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 7, 2019
hahahah :PPP
Sent by systrix,Sep 7, 2019
why does it not suit her kindred7???
Sent by Minie,Sep 7, 2019
Minie loll i just meant her skin color isnt that color - i'm sure she'll want another skin sooner or later :P
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 7, 2019

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