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  1. I’m good at everything I do
  2. neg my blog again
  3. omg I have 600 T
  4. holly Beth Allen Wyoming 67 n 24
  5. Can peas123
  6. Ginnifer
  7. Can someone gift systrix
  8. i wanna mistype and misspell on purpose too
  9. alex killed bryce
  10. late stars support :)
  11. Kat has the votes to stay
  12. I’m the most interesting person ever
  13. Analyse should’ve won safety.
  14. rigged
  15. love
  16. tsk tsk
  17. aw tysm
  18. Busted my lips
  19. i miss you
  20. Do you need CBS all access
  21. HEY
  22. Thanks for the gift
  23. mikec51
  24. I was thinking
  25. woo woo
  26. Someone join that charity
  27. I vote to evict Michie
  28. Shops haven’t been more uglier
  29. wow they rly ended
  30. apple juice and cookies
  31. Matisse rly is
  32. Analyse just said she has
  33. girls that don’t shower
  34. You can’t stay mad at him
  35. Fuck
  36. I want analyse so bad
  37. 1 year anniversary
  38. My cousin is back
  39. Join vivor +6
  40. i love tana

i wanna mistype and misspell on purpose too

Sep 2, 2019 by Sameed27


do it. it might make you more popular on here
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 2, 2019
she has dyslexia
Sent by LovelyKiss,Sep 2, 2019
kindred7 being popular on this site is kind of an insult dont u think?
Sent by Sameed27,Sep 2, 2019
Omg me goo
Sent by lexeyjane,Sep 2, 2019
Sameed27 LOL you're actually so right. Now that I think of the most popular people that I'm aware of, it's actually sad. Maybe you shouldnt misspell purposely then :P
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 2, 2019
Sent by Lemjam6,Sep 2, 2019

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