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irdk what more could have been done

14thAug 1, 2021 by Sam_Hamwich
This is just why it sucks when TG picks a predetermined winner from Day 1

Nothing against Ken tho


Sent by Yaxha,Aug 1, 2021
I dont think he was predetermined winner though. I think if Britt went up in his spots and Ken only went up once Britt probably wins instead. Stars is a fickle game
Sent by Survivor8,Aug 1, 2021
i would've given BrittBritt more of a chance than Ken on day 1
it was close tho!
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 1, 2021
I mean people said Chris or Tina or Britt could win day one. Again I knew how to present my stars story a little better, but that percentage Britt got is nothing to sneeze at. She did amazing and she knows she killed this week
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 1, 2021
Survivor8 If Britt went up in those polls she was probably leaving

And you shouldn’t be rewarded for going up on the block lmao that’s just backwards
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Aug 1, 2021
konohavillage1 no everyone said you that was clear lol no need to change it now, congrats tho
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Aug 1, 2021
Sam_Hamwich That's how stars has worked for the entire existence of the game.
Sent by Survivor8,Aug 1, 2021
Survivor8 If that was true unnommed people would never win, or at least not usually win

Less liked users win BECAUSE they went unnommed and some people actually respect gameplay
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Aug 1, 2021
I do NOTTT think konohavillage1 was the pre-determined winner by any means, i do think his win was decided when they got him up vs you in that stupid poll bc it ensured he'd get nominated a 4th time which usually leads to a win

britt had a chance tho with ken's weird baby friend attacking her all week LOL i think that got her a ton of support & sympathy
Sent by etaco75,Aug 1, 2021
Sent by Slice,Aug 1, 2021
etaco75 mad as fuck, this is why you look the way you do
Sent by Yaxha,Aug 1, 2021
and what konohavillage1 said I don't think he's inherently super popular to the point where he'll win any stars he joins..... but when you nominate someone you give them the chance to interact with the public and push THEIR narrative over yours. i'm also not like inherently popular but i know that when you get nommed that's usually an opportunity to get more support which is why i (~usually~) make finals. Ken is really good at convincing the public that the game is centered around him & that's how you win stars
Sent by etaco75,Aug 1, 2021
weird of you to see the words "weird baby" and i'm assume i'm talking about you @yax idk what i have to be mad about i think all 3 finalists are amazing <3
Sent by etaco75,Aug 1, 2021
etaco75 that just doesn’t make sense to me Bc anytime I see someone get nommed repeatedly I realize they aren’t doing that well at the strategic point of the game

But if TG thought the same way I did then I would probably have stars wins already so it is what it is
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Aug 1, 2021
I think from the beginning people said others would win over him so he wasn’t the predetermined winner
Sent by brightongal,Aug 1, 2021
sam_hamwich but you're a good enough stars player to know that # of nominations doesn't mean you're playing a better or worse game. Stars is more about marketing than it is about inherent popularity IMO, and by nominating him 4 times the cast let him center the narrative around himself. I think if Britt had gone up vs you instead of Ken then she realistically would have won this bc it wouldn't have given ken 4 noms and she would have had more time to get support. Assuming you can survive a poll like nominations are actually really fucking helpful
Sent by etaco75,Aug 1, 2021

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