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I need answers

Feb 19, 2021 by Sam_Hamwich
I just got into a debate at work where I compared Mac n cheese to the Ship of Theseus but the question still stands

If you cook spaghetti with cheese sauce, is that considered Mac n cheese?


macaroni isn’t spaghetti.
Sent by lexeyjane,Feb 19, 2021
macaroni isn’t spaghetti.
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Feb 19, 2021
wouldnt that be alfredo
Sent by whitneyice178,Feb 19, 2021
Macaroni is a type of pasta.
Sent by blazermaniac94,Feb 19, 2021
If Mac and cheese is based off of the type of pasta it’s made from then what do we call the weird shaped ones that Kraft makes, or the pasta made with shells?
Sent by Paige54,Feb 19, 2021
*starts crying*
Sent by joshgillespie,Feb 20, 2021

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