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1stDec 14, 2017 by Sam_Hamwich
and I'll tell you
how I think you would do on survivor / whether you would be a hero or a villain / and if you would be asked back for a future season

***UPDATING AT +400***

deeannamorgan - 4th, after controlling almost every single vote you're apart of, you lose final immunity and you're cut right before F3 due to being a threat to win / Hero / Yes
#GoodKaren - 7th, you stay too loyal to your alliance after losing numbers and it costs you / Hero / No
#Arris - 11th, you're first merge boot after you're seen as scrambling too much / Hero / Yes
#tennisplayer963 - 5th, you're alliance went to rocks at f6 and one of your side went home, resulting in you being vulnerable / Hero / Yes
#devinB - 3rd, you find 3 idols throughout the game along with 3 individual immunities to get yourself to FTC but the jury doesnt think you did enough socially to deserve to win / Villain / No
#JetsRock12 - 9th, you get on the show through your loved one being a past player and you're taken out back to back after losing numbers at the merge / Villain / No
#LonghornRob - 14th, your tribe starts off winning but after a few losses you get on some people's nerves with constant arguments and get voted off after you claim "It's me or her" to the tribe captain / Villain / No
DuncanSurferBoy - 9th, you get in a showmance early on which results in you being a target. Luckily they take them out before you but your lack of other relationships ends up costing you / Villain / No
mikec51 - 2nd, your alliance dominates post merge and you coast to FTC with the smallest target on your back all game, but the jury votes for the player with bigger moves on his resume / Hero / No
bengalboy - 7th, you are seen as a target at merge due to being a physical threat to win immunites. Eventually a balance competition comes and you get voted out at the first merge tribal you are eligible too / Hero / Yes
xxlovewakizaxx - 14th, you're in a dominate position on your original tribe but at the swap you find yourself at a 5-2 person disadvantage and it's too much to overcome / Villain / No
levvy - 11th, you have majority at merge but an idol is played and the other alliance votes you due to being least likely to have an idol played on them back / Hero / No
BluJay112 - 5th, never having a solid majority you manage to squeak your way through tribal after tribal with big moves but the second you think you're safe you get blindsided for being a threat to win / Hero / Yes
eliserose - 7th, you're comfortably in minority but you try to flip to blindside your alliance to add big moves to your resume. Unfortunately someone rats you out and the only person blindsided that night is you / Villain / Yes
Emmett4 - 13th, you're in a relatively good position in your tribe after the swap, but during a physical challenge you injure your knee and medical pulls you from the game / Hero / No
Philip13 - 18th, you come out of the gates too quick and your strategizing is seen as shifty and your tribe turns on you / Villain / No
jflora18 - 8th, after being on the bottom all merge you risk it all to play your idol on an ally and it turns out that you were the vote instead / Hero / Yes
Lifeiscool - 3rd, you decide to lay low and avoid drama but by the late point in the game you realize everyone else's game resume is better than yours so you just accept the 85,000 payout / Hero / No
hujain - 8th, you control the game after merge but word of your idol gets around and your biggest ally creates a plan to take you out / Hero / Yes
titoburitto - 10th, you come with your loved one but they get voted off first leaving you virtually alone. You spend too much time wishing they were there instead of you and lack the necessary relationships to get the target switched off of you post-merge / Villain / No
Paige5459 - 13th, you're the swing vote after a swap and you're unwillingness to commit to a side leads to them banding together to save their own asses / Hero / No
Jujubee - 6th, you manage to slip under the radar until merge where you are spared time after time by the majority alliance until they have no other options / Hero / No
FighterMan - 12th, you lead your tribe week after week but once merge draws close they blindside you as they're worried you will go on an immunity spree / Villain / No
Stary - 19th, after losing immunity you get back to camp and rip into your tribe trying to motivate them, instead they get mad at vote you off at tribal / Villain / No
paul028 - 16th, you create alliances with everyone and it serves you well at the start until people start talking to each other and eventually realize what you're up too / Villain / No
Thumper91 - 2nd, you're nice to everyone and it gets you to the end but you lose in a dramatic 5-4-0 vote / Hero / Yes
AdamLovesEverything - 9th, you have a solid alliance at merge but someone is in the middle flipping back and forth to make sure neither alliance gets too strong and you are a casualty of this / Hero / No
Akora - 4th, you're the last remaining member of your alliance but you go on an immunity spree only for it to end just short / Hero / Yes
1001games - 15th, you have a solid group of 4 from the start but you lose all three of them at tribe swap and you're doomed / Villain / No
FelipeS - 10th, you're given a fake idol by someone who's been playing you the whole game and the false thought of having an idol messes up your gameplay / Hero / No
Scalene - 13th, after being in minority you manage to get people to flip to your side only for them to flip right back a week later and blindside you / Villain / No
Cryptspartan - 7th, you manage to run the game under the protection of a bigger target, but once he gets taken out post merge you are left open and vulnerable to how big of a strategic threat you are / Villain / Yes
ClassiCaz5 - 1st, after finding an idol and narrowly avoiding getting voted out numerous times, you win final immunity to send your biggest competition home and get the cash / Hero / Yes
WpwSers196 - 5th, in a season full of showmances you keep your eyes on the prize to turn them against each other. Unfortunately people eventually realize your gameplay and turn on you just in time / Villain / Yes
NicoleF - 14th, after taunting the other tribe after challenge wins, you are their first target at a tribe swap and they get one of your alliance to flip on you / Villain / No
blazer44 - 9th,  after getting no screentime the first few episodes you come out as a powerhouse but it is short lived as you come on too strong and people aren't willing to betray their earliest allies / Villain / No


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I want to say I completely disagree with this and I do but a small part of me agrees with you and I hate to admit it.
But ... no ... I would tame myself for one million dollars. I would do anything for one millions dollars.
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