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I joined Tengaged at 19 in 2009

Jun 4, 2019 by Saiki
So its like I’ve seen most of you queers grow up. I’m legit the Grandfather of Tengaged.


what was your old account
Sent by tast519,Jun 4, 2019
Love how they come after you through giving you tags
Sent by SurvivoroftheTocans,Jun 4, 2019
excuse me
Sent by MarieEve,Jun 4, 2019
SurvivoroftheTocans, I am a Tengaged legend. They always wanna try and come for my neck but I am still gonna be on top!
Sent by Saiki,Jun 4, 2019
init ur gettin old
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 5, 2019

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