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  1. Ate too much Chick-Fil-A
  2. I don’t support any of those faggots
  3. Fuck yall faggots
  4. Hey yall I’m back!
  5. Poor Heather
  6. I joined Tengaged at 19 in 2009
  7. Hey
  8. Ya mama > Yo momma
  9. Already top trending
  10. I am legit so powerful.
  11. I’m back from work!
  12. Well before I log back off...
  13. Oh nice, a top blog about me.
  14. Hello you fagbags
  15. ROFL seriously?
  16. I need a Casting charity
  17. Help me get yellow
  18. Happy Pride Month
  19. Okay, fine I’ll admit lol.
  20. Your Queen is here
  21. Hey
  22. Any drinking plans tonight?
  23. Yall are so lame and gay
  24. Wassup fam
  25. Who do you think I am?
  26. What color level do you need to be
  27. Hi!
  28. Hey
  29. Hey fagbags
  30. Wassup faggots
  31. Idk who this Maturo cat is
  32. I’m ready to cuss out racists.
  33. Hey guys!

Idk who this Maturo cat is

May 26, 2019 by Saiki
But he looks like he smells like cat piss and cheese. Did I get that right on the nose?


Sent by Magix,May 26, 2019
babeeeidah can confirm I smell like roses
Sent by maturo,May 26, 2019
No. You didn't. Don't come at maturo . Why are you so rude and mean to people, Saiki ??
Sent by Shadowman,May 26, 2019
Shadowman you can eat my ass. He came for me first. When attacked, I attack back. Don’t try it babe ^_^
Sent by Saiki,May 26, 2019
maturo smells really good. So stop hating on him, cunt.
Sent by Babeeeidah,May 26, 2019
Babeeeidah, you literally look like a wildebeest I advise you to shut your stupid rotund black ass up.
Sent by Saiki,May 27, 2019
saiki u already lost this argument by brining up race. It shows how disgusting you are. Go take a shower and wash your funky ass.
Sent by Babeeeidah,May 27, 2019

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