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The difference between a man and a child

Sep 9, 2013 by SSDZ
A child has wants, a man has NEEDS.

Two years ago when I was 17 and not yet an official adult, I CRAVED the wet pussy. Thoughts of wet pussy being penetrated by my black cock consumed my entire existence. It's all I thought about day and night. I WANTED the wet pussy so bad. But I was still a child. I did not need it.

But now that I am 19 and a grown man, I don't have petty wants anymore. Wants are child's play. I have a MAN'S NEED for the wet pussy. Wet pussy is the reason I get up in the morning. It's the reason I look forward to another day. I don't just want the wet pussy. I need my wet pussy.

And that my friends is the difference between a man and a child.


I < 3 wet pussy
Sent by Olympia,Sep 9, 2013
Sent by alireza1373,Sep 9, 2013
olympia sam you thirsty sand man you know you crave the black cock
but you ain't getting mine
Sent by SSDZ,Sep 9, 2013
Sent by Lakewood,Sep 9, 2013

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