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Good Morning Friends

5thJan 9, 2022 by SAWCHUK55
Today I was supposed to be on the way to mexico but ALOT of reasons have kept me home, main reason being my ex decided to take a new job 5 days ago and now i am being punished for it. Bein a single mom is hard enough but man is dealing with him like a child!

so im gonna need lots of attention today because im sad!



good morning jadine <3
Sent by MsKathryne,Jan 9, 2022
Sent by Zoon,Jan 9, 2022
mommmm u deserve the world
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Jan 9, 2022
I'm sorry to hear that:( hope you can go to mexico soon
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Jan 9, 2022
Sending you lots of love and support <3
Sent by Alex150498,Jan 9, 2022
wait i just noticed ur beanie serve
Sent by MsKathryne,Jan 9, 2022
MsKathryne my fav design
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Jan 9, 2022
love u jadine!!
Sent by peace123,Jan 9, 2022
i love youuuuuu mawrma xoxo
Sent by ohhayy,Jan 9, 2022
you have my support being a single mom is one of the hardest things i’ve ever done
Sent by vaultg1rl,Jan 9, 2022
I’ll beat that fella up dont worry
Sent by Survivor8,Jan 9, 2022
=[ <33
Sent by Roshy,Jan 9, 2022
that sounds awful
Sent by Arris,Jan 9, 2022
:( <3
Sent by J2999,Jan 9, 2022
:( <3 luv u girl
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jan 10, 2022

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