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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


9thJan 8, 2022 by SAWCHUK55
Joker121Evicted Sawchuck for her children’s sake every time I’ve been on this week she’s been at 0 mins when is she giving her kids attention?

1- its Sawchuk
2- my kids are literally in the video
3- last time u were here u tried the same thing brandonpinzu why was he allowed back? literally stalked and cyber bullied me for weeks last time he got kicked off


Eat him
Sent by Times_Places,Jan 8, 2022
How does he know you're at 0 mins if he isn't always on your page? Creepy af
Sent by sosyomomma,Jan 8, 2022
Girl I wonder the same thing about users like ARTPOP and Yaxha who do this shit to me all the time. I can't breathe on this website without them trolls having something to say about me. I wonder why they are continued to be let on here if they won't leave people alone when asked to....
Sent by BrittBritt,Jan 8, 2022
Yeah sounds like a very known user with Galaxies too, he cannot breathe wrong next to her apparently
Sent by Hunty,Jan 8, 2022
This person is always mean to me too hunty. Too good Im not affected by it, but its a questionable behavior for someone who works with mental health.
Sent by guima,Jan 8, 2022
We live in a society.
Sent by Marktint_1,Jan 8, 2022

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