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Canada's sweetheart

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IS IT WEIRDvote Jan 17, 2022
i wanna blow the nose on drews forehead sosyomomma
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Thank you so much Jan 17, 2022
for the talks this morning bengalboy and constancemarie I really needed some laughs and happiness this morning. I love you both to pieces xoxo
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Today My fav boy Jan 17, 2022
imageTurns 8 !!!!!
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I will never understand Jan 16, 2022
Why after this many seasons of the amazing race people still come on the show not knowing how to drive a standard.

I also don't know why this bothers me.... but it does hahaha

My dad taught me to drive a  Standard when I was 14 years old it took him 2 weeks to teach me you're not telling me these people can't take a week to learn how to drive a car
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Say me Jan 16, 2022
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Calling all biminibonfabulous Jan 15, 2022
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Comment below to be a part of something  xoxox
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