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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

You know you're Petty

Sep 10, 2023 by Ryon246
State what you can relate to:

When you waiting for those who evicted you in stars to join so you could press their eviction button like they did to you. Have you done this lol lemme know.

When you waiting for that first HOH to give the person who gave you 13th that same placement

When you throw comps but eat tribal council so they cannot vote you out of vivor

Row that person who gave you 30th in Hunger

Gave Prejury to that person that comes for you

Give the final 2 a 12hrs to think about what they have done cause that frooks was toxic or you were robbed

Make final 2 and call your rival trash or just leave a dash by their name

Threw shade for someone in a blog

Filtered Ali Bonico

Showed someone the consequences after they snipped you in stars
Anything I missed? Lemme know down below

Sent by yswimmer96,Sep 10, 2023
why is this written like a clickbaity youtube video
Sent by Fetish,Sep 10, 2023

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