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It's Coming To Roblox!

1stJul 7, 2019 by Ryan_Jambe
I am releasing a HUGE update for my Survivor: Roblox and the new and improved version goes into beta mode on the 8th of July!

Here it is >>



im bald
Sent by Kelly0412,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by Timster,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by ricktworick1,Jul 7, 2019
im ready to play
Sent by macken,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by MichelleObama,Jul 7, 2019
please don't change the turd shaped idols, i love finding those little turd logs. especially when its right on the beach floating in the water
Sent by MichelleObama,Jul 7, 2019

Sent by 3pi14159,Jul 7, 2019
I agree with michelleobama being able to SEE the idols from a distance and running to grab it is much better than PeakPrecison where you blindly run through 300 bushes wasting valuable time to socialize and strategize. Also your over the top BBcan style twists make the game topsy turvy and more fun to play. Like killer vote and fake tribe swaps, etc. Thats why we like YOUR version best ryan_jambe
Sent by Timster,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by IceBeast,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by J2999,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by dawnpeacly,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by Pokepat,Jul 7, 2019
michelleobama timster As much as you enjoyed those sticks, unfortunately, idols have taken a new form. However, don't worry because it's not a case of just walking in a bush and hoping for the best. The idol will still be visible! 馃憖
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by Timster,Jul 7, 2019
heather yes yes yes yes yes
Sent by NotNicky333,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by nikki47,Jul 7, 2019
Sent by BluJay112,Jul 8, 2019
hi king i have been playing ur servers for like 3 years, do you plan on making any additions to your amazing race server (the non beta one)? also curious if you got copyrighted for the old shakira/justin bieber songs or if you just wanted to change them
Sent by Survivor_fanpage123,Jul 8, 2019
I am SHOOK right now.
Sent by Wolven6974,Jul 8, 2019
Update: you can now play the game here >>
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Jul 8, 2019
Did you figure out how Peak managed to do the every vote gets read in order? I always love that intensity.
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jul 8, 2019
Hannah_Parks Votes get read in a specific order based on how many votes each person received. Once a person accumulates enough votes, it announces who is eliminated.
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Jul 8, 2019
RYAN_JAMBE, love ur work but ur games really need a platform like the current popular Survivor version, and Eviction notice. The waiting around is .... old school.
Sent by Hash,Jul 8, 2019
update the old amazing race game - the jump pads are broken :/
Sent by BigBrotherFan132,Jul 8, 2019
Hash It's something I would like to do but there are a few things that need to be dealt with first. Firstly, I need a larger audience of people playing and I need to have incentives for people to stay for Jury instead of just leaving.
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Jul 8, 2019
ryan_jambe please dont listen to hash, the platforms are annoying!
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Jul 8, 2019
Won my first game 2-1 after winning final 4 fire making and the person who won 3 immunity challenges in a row leaving during final tribal lol
Sent by tunertin,Jul 8, 2019
Great incentive for staying could be earning more coins... Coins could be used to purchase Different types of Torches/Bandanas/Etc.
I鈥檇 also like to add a twist mode where there鈥檚 different types of idols would be fun.
Like 鈥淧lay this idol before the immunity challenge on a player to make them sit out of immunity*
I mean you could come up with so much.
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jul 8, 2019

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