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[Tribe Twists / Season Themes] Survivor: Roblox Aug 8, 2019
Brand new tribe twists / season themes have been added to Survivor: Roblox. Below are some of the new things

- One World
- Fans vs Favorites
- Champions vs Contenders
- David vs Goliath
- Millennials vs Gen X
- I have even introduced a bit of weather to the game!


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[Advantages Added] Survivor: Roblox Aug 3, 2019
New advantages have been added and you can play the updated game here >> https://www.roblox.com/games/3435258945/ADVANTAGES-ADDED-Survivor-Roblox

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[NEW TWIST UPDATE] Survivor: Roblox Jul 18, 2019
Many bug fixes plus the first twist has been introduced into the game!

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It's Released On Roblox! Jul 8, 2019
My NEW Survivor: Roblox is now available to be played on Roblox. There are some minor bugs that don't break the game but I will get them mended as soon as possible. Thanks for the support :)


#roblox #survivor
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NEW Survivor: Roblox Jul 8, 2019
It's finally out. It is the early stages but hopefully many new features to come over the next few weeks.

Come and play here >> https://www.roblox.com/games/3435258945/NEW-Survivor-Roblox-Beta

#roblox #survivor
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It's Coming To Roblox! Jul 7, 2019
I am releasing a HUGE update for my Survivor: Roblox and the new and improved version goes into beta mode on the 8th of July!

Here it is >> https://www.roblox.com/games/3435258945/NEW-Survivor-Roblox-Beta

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