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  1. Kaycee slayed
  2. Yall dont like Kaycee's game
  3. Ranking BB Winners
  4. Did a survivor draft with friends
  5. Soooo.
  6. Anyone willing to help me in a charity frookies in..
  7. Won a $75 short term Skype game
  8. Scottie literally held the door
  9. Stay trying to insult me on this little dying..
  10. It might be 2 stars in a row for 16th
  11. Its still wild to me
  12. join survivor
  13. Join survivor
  14. Really hope this is Angela’s week to go
  15. Rankings!
  16. Yaaaaas at a Bayleigh HOH
  17. Tbqh
  18. Foutte needs to win
  19. Its like the 4869077th time
  20. Scottie going to use the veto?
  21. If Foutte
  22. Lmfao called it!
  23. Scottie hoh
  24. My bb rankings
  25. Anyone want to join a slow casting?
  26. Anyone else think
  27. Oh my I’m a skeleton now :o
  28. Bonnaroo tomorrow!
  29. 27 Stars 7 finals 0 wins
  30. Can you think of any Survivor season
  31. Laurel and Angela ruined this season
  32. oo
  33. LOL people arguing/defending about cheating on..
  34. Anyone know
  35. Survivor Ghost Island
  36. Awkward
  37. Hopefully Randomize
  38. Anyone looking to play a skype game?
  39. *waves*
  40. 4 day music festival overrrr

Yaaaaas at a Bayleigh HOH

Jul 27, 2018 by RuthlessLucas
Week one - Level 6 controls
Week two- Level 6 controls
Week three - Foutte controls
Week 4 - on a level 6 hoh (sam sheep) house comes together
Week five - Foutte controls

Bayleigh gives my serious Danielle Lickey vibes, I just hope she doesn’t let her head get too big. Keep Scottie off the block! And can everyone wake up to Tyler’s bs please!


Foutte hasn't controlled anything though. Just because Scottie was HOH doesn't mean anything because Winston went home anyways lmao I love them tho.
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Jul 27, 2018
They still chipped away at an important member of level 6 robbieriot
Sent by RuthlessLucas,Jul 27, 2018

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