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  1. The Challenge 35 tea
  2. I love each and every
  3. Cara is so miserable tbh
  4. Inb4 Kailah and Melissa
  5. So Cliff ruined the season
  6. I’m liking this season
  7. Nicole is winning this season
  8. I’m really out here
  9. Bb finale tonight?
  10. This was a good season
  11. What are some good websites
  12. Don’t really like Christie
  13. Nick has like
  14. What are the sides at this point?
  15. Just when I thought Kat was gonna win.....
  16. Ugh Tommy won 😒
  17. Dominique done stole Raven’s man
  18. Rudy ain’t even dead
  19. Why does everyone hate Analyse so much now?
  20. Queen Kat has 3 top blogs
  21. This better not be anything
  22. Not hearing Sam’s confessionals anymore is
  23. Ranking the past 6 seasons of BB 😒
  24. So who won?
  25. Why couldn’t Cliff just flop in the comp
  26. I love this
  27. The Challenge Bloody Hell Winners
  28. When bb16 happened, I
  29. Bella’s such a disappointment
  30. This is fucking torture
  31. Me @ Kemi being saved again
  32. I’m still upset Taj & Brendan’s
  33. Why didn’t we get another bbott
  34. RIP LUKE
  35. Bb21 rankings
  36. Vote for Russell11 if you stan
  37. Jessica is
  38. If you’re not stanning Kemi
  39. Summary of this season so far
  40. Can we get a break for once?

I’m liking this season

Sep 21, 2019 by Russell11
But idk I feel like the Christian lady that “survived” the attack is probably the killer



Uhm hunny the killer is me jingles who escaped for the mental institution
Sent by Crayadian,Sep 21, 2019
The killer is clearly Mr Schue and his schlong
Sent by DracoMalfoy,Sep 21, 2019
Mr Jingles didn’t arrive at the camp until AFTER the hiker’s ear was cut off

Either Christian Lady, The chef or Nurse I think.
Sent by Macda27,Sep 22, 2019

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