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  1. Parvati and Rob
  2. Love that there’s 11 men
  3. Is it just me or is Candice Woodcock
  4. Why is Richard Hatch going off
  5. I hope Sarah Mancina
  6. Can’t wait for
  7. Some of you guys have
  8. Y’all like my new hair?
  9. Who wants to be my sugar baby
  10. Billie Eilish
  11. You bitches are so extra
  12. Yikes
  13. Who wants to be snap buddies?
  14. I just turned 20!
  15. does anyone wanna be my friend
  16. “I nEeD tHaT aDvAnTaGe”
  17. The fact that Jeff Probst hated Kaoh Rong
  18. Dirty ass bitches
  19. Remember the days when
  20. Vote here if you stan Queen Kemi
  21. Happy New Year TG
  22. The Challenge 35 Spoilers
  23. Who is Rogan to question anyone’s
  24. The Challenge 35 tea
  25. I love each and every
  26. Cara is so miserable tbh
  27. Inb4 Kailah and Melissa
  28. So Cliff ruined the season
  29. I’m liking this season
  30. Nicole is winning this season
  31. I’m really out here
  32. Bb finale tonight?
  33. This was a good season
  34. What are some good websites
  35. Don’t really like Christie
  36. Nick has like
  37. What are the sides at this point?
  38. Just when I thought Kat was gonna win.....
  39. Ugh Tommy won 😒
  40. Dominique done stole Raven’s man

What are the sides at this point?

Aug 17, 2019 by Russell11
Jackson, Holly, Jess, vs everyone else?


Jackson Holly Jess Nicole Cliff vs Tommy Nick Christie Sis

ofc there are side deals inbetween. And Jacksons side is really unstable half the time but for the most part they are together.
Technically you could say its

Jackson Holly Cliff VS Nicole Jess VS Tommy Nick Christie Sis but even that isn't that accurate.
Sent by TruthO,Aug 17, 2019
Sent by TruthO,Aug 17, 2019

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