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Why does everyone hate Analyse so much now?

Aug 5, 2019 by Russell11
She wasn’t liked before her but she wasn’t HATED like she is now. Just curious.


If you watch feeds she can be kind of awful sometimes. Recently she makes fun of Cliff behind his back for the way he runs because he's old. Basically, being bitter and a petty bully

Apparently she rarely showers and house guests have said she smells bad (that one actually suprised me). They have encouraged her to wear deodorant a few times.

She generally doesnt have much game going on aside from flirting with guys in hope's that they protect her.

Shes made some off the wall comments about beating people up and slitting someone's throat if they put her on the block. Personally I think it's funny she sees herself as some kind of badass who's not to be messed with. Just lol

She has no sense of humor and when she's on the spot in general conversation, she offers NOTHING.  It's like she has no personality and there's crickets chirping where fun conversation should be.

Aside from that, I actually think most people just dont like her because of her association with Jack.

Off the top of my head those are the ones I can think of. Personallt.. I dont particularly like her, but I don't hate her either. Shes FAR from the worst on the cast this season that's for sure
Sent by Allene,Aug 5, 2019
i feel like the same happened with Tommy but idk why that happened
Sent by Darbe,Aug 5, 2019
cuz she smells like barf
Sent by KittyCupcake12354,Aug 5, 2019

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