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  1. Why couldn’t Cliff just flop in the comp
  2. I love this
  3. The Challenge Bloody Hell Winners
  4. When bb16 happened, I
  5. Bella’s such a disappointment
  6. This is fucking torture
  7. Me @ Kemi being saved again
  8. I’m still upset Taj & Brendan’s
  9. Why didn’t we get another bbott
  10. RIP LUKE
  11. Bb21 rankings
  12. Vote for Russell11 if you stan
  13. Jessica is
  14. If you’re not stanning Kemi
  15. Summary of this season so far
  16. Can we get a break for once?
  17. The noms
  18. Can someone shut Sam tf up?
  19. Isabella is my spirit animal
  20. If I ever go on BB
  21. First HoH
  22. Patiently waiting for the
  23. Kemi’s skin is fucking amazing
  24. Am I the only one that keeps thinking
  25. I wish Big Brother
  26. Trying to watch
  27. The Challenge 34 Spoilers
  28. I’m tired of y’all and your fake
  29. This guy I met offered me a
  30. Cara stay getting embarassed
  31. Queen needs to stop lying
  32. Looking back at BB15
  33. That last episode didnt
  34. Can’t wait to see Mama Day
  35. So in conclusion
  36. I hate that we never even
  37. I wish the challenge would’ve started
  38. This episode was so boring
  39. This episode lacked flavor tbh
  40. Lmao @ ppl not wanting

This guy really live streamed

Mar 15, 2019 by Russell11
Killing them, like how evil can you be? RIP to all 49 lives lost :(((

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