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  1. Lol like I said before
  2. Why are people screaming riggery
  3. So
  4. Hopefully all of foutte
  5. I honestly feel bad for
  6. A crown for a king :)
  7. BBCAN Season Rankings
  8. Y’all complain too damn much
  10. LMAO
  11. The only people I see
  12. Prepare for Rockstar’s 1000th
  13. The thing is
  14. Lmao
  15. I’m still upset
  16. I’m tired of hearing
  17. Who’s life was Kaitlyn coaching
  18. This is honestly the first time
  19. Brett JC Haleigh Angela
  20. Remember in the 1st episode
  21. Woah
  22. Don’t do drugs kids
  23. The only rootable people in the minority
  24. Can’t wait for JC
  25. Most Deserving to Least (as of today)
  26. Da’Vonne is just dragging bitches
  27. I thought Bayleigh was using her
  28. Wait what happened when
  29. I’ve never seen
  30. Taystee got life
  31. Wait
  32. Angela’s a fake bitch
  33. Never thought I would ever
  34. Went to the movies trending
  35. Do people still use
  36. Lets keep it going guys
  37. I’m from New York
  38. Brett, give it up for Brett
  39. RIP Rachey
  40. I could’ve sworn i remember

I’m finally 18

Jan 22, 2018 by Russell11
Now I can apply for all the reality shows I’ve wanted to since I was 10 lmao

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