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  1. Im gonna be a noob
  2. Imagine hating this season
  3. Loving the current BB takeover
  4. Me when Da’Vonne
  5. Finally started this season yesterday
  6. Unpopular opinion but
  7. Chanelle’s alliance
  8. “By the way,
  9. Wait so if AHS Murder House
  10. They better have a
  11. Someone send me the
  12. Da’Vonne slayed that whore Ashley
  13. Swaggy’s Vegas road trip
  14. So Im glad the witches are back but
  15. Suprise bitch
  16. This season sucked tbh
  17. Did BB/Grodner ever address the
  18. Day/Jozea would be in a much better
  19. Can’t believe not a single power app
  20. Continent Ranking
  21. Ika Wong is live on IG
  22. Me when I win HoH after getting
  23. Just realized the 3 bitches that
  24. RIP Evie Gallant
  25. This is honestly so true
  26. JC winning this season will
  27. Yass JC
  28. The Challenge Rankings
  29. This season needs a re-do
  30. Are they saving or
  31. Cara:”Kyle’s d*ck is dirtier
  32. Even tho I love her
  33. It’s the CBB production’s fault
  34. Big Brother should start casting more people
  35. I have a feeling im gonna
  36. I wanna see Sam get evicted
  37. I honestly hate the new
  38. I haven’t been happy with a single
  39. Iris & Liz Taylor
  40. Which would be the best and worst

I’m finally 18

Jan 22, 2018 by Russell11
Now I can apply for all the reality shows I’ve wanted to since I was 10 lmao

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