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  1. Steve is so boring
  2. Allison Grodner
  3. Where is the king and his
  4. No title
  5. JC Sam Chris & Brett
  6. Finished Hotel today
  7. How r ppl in this cast saying they like Josh, Alex..
  8. Sis needs help
  9. This season’s cast is rlly big
  10. Why are people joking about XXXtentacion
  11. God please make this a good season
  12. Can someone explain to me how
  13. More excited for bbuk than
  14. They should just make Jodi, Glenn, Cameron
  15. They better not make Da’Vonne invisible this..
  16. Ready for Janelle & Britney
  17. People try so hard to be “iconic”
  18. Aww they’re friends again
  19. How do people have the time or energy for that..
  20. Jamie Lee Curtis is honestly
  22. Julie Chen dies in
  23. Can’t wait for another hyped up cast reveal
  24. Honest Question
  25. Why are we getting 3 ppl who already played twice
  26. They should have a season w/ all the ppl
  27. Looking back, last season was an
  28. Can’t wait to see how Queen Da’Vonne
  29. I love you bitch
  30. Are all fastings just filled
  31. How are Kyle and Brad
  32. The Challenge 32 spoilers so far
  33. The Brits were honestly the best
  34. Wtf BBCan has already aired 2 episodes!?
  35. I need to catch up on so many shows
  36. Lady Stoneheart was robbed of
  37. Omarosa:Don’t try to play me...
  38. I wish this season was longer
  39. Finally watching the last few eps of CBB
  40. GoT should’ve made a filler season this year in..

I’m finally 18

Jan 22, 2018 by Russell11
Now I can apply for all the reality shows I’ve wanted to since I was 10 lmao

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