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  1. Anyone else find it hard to believe Brett
  2. 1st time in my life i actually won something
  3. Kaitlyn is my new fav
  4. So like
  5. Why does Rockstar call Level 6 bullies
  6. Is there anywhere i can watch bbott
  7. I think
  8. *Waits for all of Twitter to claim they’re
  9. I honestly don’t even have a fav this season
  10. The Challenge Final Reckoning Rankings (Major..
  11. Lmao @ Da’Vonne already making her mark
  12. Angela & Kam almost fought
  13. Not even 30 minutes
  14. Is it just me or is this fight iconic?
  15. That convo with Swaggy C & Sam
  16. Can we just take a moment to appreciate
  17. Kaitlyn of the House Herman, First of Her Name
  19. Did Kaitlyn tell the house she has a boyfriend?
  20. OMG Donnie Darko is such a good movie
  21. Why is ‘cunt’ considered a curse word but..
  22. When does
  23. OMG look at all my queens
  24. At first I didn’t like Bayleigh
  25. Kaitlyn & Sam would be
  26. Lmao @ the whole Level 6
  27. No one this season is racist
  28. Why is JC always in the kitchen?
  29. Level 6 FTW
  30. How are people already
  31. Do you guys think Kaitlyn
  32. I like Angela & Rachel but
  33. Are Kaitlyn & Haleigh still “besties”..
  34. Finally, they show Da’Vonne
  35. Can we all agree
  36. Just realized Marissa was in Scary Movie
  37. Sam looks way younger than
  38. Weh di bb20 intro deh?
  39. Im a bad bitch, fuck da bitch
  40. Can someone explain to me why

Kim:My first nomination is for Thanksgiving

Sep 10, 2017 by Russell11
Christmas: It's Christmas
Kim:Shut up, don't be so stupid

EDIT:Only ppl tht watched #CBBUK will get the joke lol


You chicken livered shit
Sent by Libanz00,Sep 10, 2017

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