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  1. Question
  2. More proof that Day might be on
  3. When you find out Malika was in
  4. Jessica & Da’Vonne
  5. CBB Prediction
  6. I was dying when India was
  7. I like that this season is so
  8. Why did the monkeys get more
  9. Fuck you Brad Culpepper
  10. Bruh this season looks fucking lit
  11. Cant wait for next season (spoiler alert)
  12. Serious question
  13. Queens (gif)
  14. Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  15. Decided to actually watch Dirty 30
  16. Is this season not over yet?
  17. When 3 of the 4 best women this season
  18. Honestly one of the best Challenge fights imo
  19. It would be amazing if
  20. What did Cara do
  21. Bananas+Natalie showmance?
  22. Tbh Kucha>Ogakor
  23. Listen bitch
  24. What’s the best show on in 2017?
  25. Am I mistaken or is
  26. So glad the boot list was fake
  27. Would starting off a season with
  28. Havent watched this season but
  29. Still shook Paul lost by 1 vote again
  30. Of all people to put on the Challenge
  32. This season is taking way too long to air
  33. BBOTT Brantsteele
  34. Jill & Dom were so happy Paul lost lmao
  35. I don't understand why ppl dislike Megan
  36. So I have a question
  37. Josh is the worst winner in BB history
  38. I wonder if Maven will still be so Pro-Paul
  39. BB Final Rankings
  40. Paul was so shook at Josh's speech last night

Kim:My first nomination is for Thanksgiving

Sep 10, 2017 by Russell11
Christmas: It's Christmas
Kim:Shut up, don't be so stupid

EDIT:Only ppl tht watched #CBBUK will get the joke lol


You chicken livered shit
Sent by Libanz00,Sep 10, 2017

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