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RPDR Final Thoughts S2

Sep 3, 2017 by Runner430
So I just finished binge watching Season 2 of Drag Race and I have so much to say about this season.


I really like most of the challenges this season.  I enjoy seeing the girls creating outfits from material.  Those are my favorite than the usual singing challenges.  Snatch Game was truly a blessing.  Tatianna as Britney was a blessing and even though I had no clue who Carol Channing was, Pandora sold that old hag. 

Most Fav: Snatch Game
Least Fav: Rock Song & Money Challenge

The Girls:

This season was chalked full of drama.  So here is my ranking of least to favorite queens.

12. Morgan: Something about her I just did not like.  She was just a spiteful bitch and some of her comments, I just didn't find flattering.  I died laughing that when she decided to be nice by letting Tat use her wig, was the episode that Tat won and she went home.

11. Nicole: Every single time that she brought up her name I wanted to pull my ears out.  She thought was all that, but she wasn't really.  All I remember her was her gap tooth, Atlanta Georgia, I'm Nicooooooooole.  Plus forcing your child to tell RuPaul to cast her on the show...that is child abuse for false advertisement.

10. Sonya: All she did was flips and for a lip sync, it is hard to see if the bitch was singing or not because she was flipping around like a 3rd place Rhythmic Gymnastic performance. 

9. Tyra: Now I know why she gets so much hate. After watching her, I constantly got annoyed with her.  She thought she was all that, but she wasn't.  She had beautiful looks, but an ugly personality.  If she didn't get immunity during the challenge she flopped in, she would have not made it to the end.  She did remind me of the obsessed BB Fans out there where if you say anything about their fav, they are calling the cops on you for verbal assault.  It is good to know that her inner beauty is still ugly today. 

8. Shangela: Even though she was in one episode, she had a lot of screen time and I grew to like her.  She was a queen that knew that she was still new and wasn't the best thing in the world yet...(glares at Valentina).  She was open to new things and was trying to learn as she goes.  If there was a show for new drag queens to learn the ropes, she would have done great, but not in this competition (even though she slays in S3 which I can't wait to see).

7. Sahara: All I remember from her was the weird highlighter she had on her brows and the splits and leaps she did.  She was mostly a wall decoration after the first episode till her elimination, but I did enjoy her moments. RIP Girl.

6. Mystique: "2 piece and a biscuit".  When I think of extra, I think of her.  She was smart trying to stand out to hide her weaknesses in the competition.  Sometimes it worked out (first episode split) and sometimes it didn't.  I loved her charisma and I she was genuine a nice girl. 

5. Tatianna: She was much different than she was on All Stars 2 (when I first saw her) and I liked this version of her. She was very outspoken in conversations, but her only negative drawback was that she always gave up and complained.  She had a major character change AS2, but the whole nice act, but secretly a mean girl I didn't buy.  If she had more confidence in herself, I think she could of done better and the girls would actually think she deserved to be there.

4. Raven: Raven's looks were sickening.  She was killing it most of the time, but her challenge performances were sometimes her downfall.  I just did not like her cocky attitude. I understand thinking you are good, but between her and Tyra, I was annoyed of how they thought their shit was the best thing in the world.  The reason though that she is higher than Tyra and other girls is because she had a change of character through the season.  Sort of like Violet's.  The moment of awe for me was how she was appreciative to her Drag Mother during the Makeover challenge.  Plus I loved her underwear that she was shown in most of the episodes. 

3. Pandora: Her Snatch Game literally had me loving her.  She reminded me of an Katya.  Unique personality, humor that is dark like my soul, and witty.  She was the opposite of Raven in her performance.  She did great in challenges, but her runways were lacking.  I think it fit with her character, but the judges were not liking it.  Her exit interview seemed heartbreaking because most of the girls had nice uplifting messages, but hers was just a bummer for her because of how harsh her critiques were...thank god she didn't pull an Adore.  She had a great personality and I enjoyed watching her. 

2. Juju: Juju was hoot.  From her quick one liners to her amazing looks.  My favorite moments from her was when she was yelling at her drag mother during the makeover challenge.  It was cute and funny.  There were numerous times that she fucked things up especially in challenges where the win was in her path, but her drunk ass went the wrong way and ended up on the bottom.  I just loved her in general even during the parts she was sassy against other girls...aka Tyra.

1. Jessica: Jessica was a pure joy this season.  She was the one who had good potential to make it to the end and even the girls believed so as well.  She was having such a good time and I really loved that. I know that this is a competition, but she didn't have to do shady things to get far in the game.  Plus the moments where she overcame barriers were heartwarming especially when she won the rocker challenge.  Also her interview during the Book Challenge had me cracking.  "Mmm this is a good drink" right in the middle of the interview.  She is a precious cinnamonbun that should never be harmed. 

But yeah,that was fun.  Now off to Season 3.


Sent by texty,Sep 9, 2017

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