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Post Your Name

Jul 28, 2017 by Runner430
And I will give you my first impression of you since I have no clue who half of you are anyway.

Russell11: You seem like a person who doesn't care what others say.  You value your voice and stand strong from your opinions.

Ghrocky100: You seem to have a set drive of getting things you want accomplished.  You are goal driven and strive to success.

Guigi; The slutty knock off version of Luigi.

MrCool: You seem to be obsessed with blonde women.

Mexus: You have been around the block, but still try to be like the new kids. 

Jwbrine: You seem like someone who does his best to fit in.

Malachite05: You are secretly gay or bi curious. :)

LaughingoutLoud: You take pride in the accomplishments you have.  I also think you are lowkey sad, using humor as your coping mechanism. 

Stunzer: You have been a victim of Guigi's slutness.

BengalBoy: You invented drenched vaginas.

GoodKaren: I honestly forgot what I was going to say. I was heavenly invested in the cat you posted.

Mikec51: I want to sit on your face...that is all.

Galaxies: You are out of this world.

Hints: You seem like someone who leads others on just for your own pleasure. 

Purplebb4: You are too humble. 

Yeoman3: You are mysterious

Dane_Williams: You are classy, but you will do what it takes to get what you want.


Sent by Russell11,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by Guigi,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by mrcool,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by Mexus,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by jwbrine,Jul 28, 2017
im straight btw
Sent by malachite05,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by laughingoutloud,Jul 28, 2017
Guigi; The slutty knock off version of Luigi.


Sent by Stunzer,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 28, 2017
Runner430 you're spot-on!
Sent by Russell11,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by mikec51,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by Galaxies,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by Stunzer,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by hints,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by purplebb4,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by Yeoman3,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by Dane_Williams,Jul 28, 2017
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Jul 29, 2017
Sent by Thumper91,Jul 29, 2017
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jul 29, 2017
oK :D
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Jul 29, 2017
Sent by nikki101,Jul 29, 2017
Sent by Steven999,Jul 29, 2017

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