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Survivor: Borneo - Episode 7

Feb 18, 2014 by Rumtin
WIKI ----

Episode 7: The Loved, The Hated, The Dead

Day 12 (Tagi Tribe):

The Tagi tribe could not have been happier at this moment.  For one, Jack was winning his way to the merge.

Jack (Conf.): “If this winning spree keeps on going, I will make all of Pagong my loyal subjects and take out John and Andrew immediately from the game.  No one will stop my reign.”

Andrew and John were united together to keep winning or finally send Jack packing.

Andrew (Conf.): “I’m sick of having him around.  He’s the snake in the grass that you can’t get close to without getting bitten!  Luckily, John and I are hawks, ready to swoop in and take a bite out of the snake that is Jack Jetts.”
John (Conf.): “Yep, we’re working on removing Jack from the game.  I just hope Andrew doesn’t get carried away with it and start making dumb analogies……again…..”

Steve is doing the best out of everyone on Tagi.  Everyone likes having him around now, even though he still displays much social awkwardness.

Steve (Conf.): “Um, I really need to work on my social skills, but I know everyone is used to me and appreciates me now!  No one is after my hide either!  Everything is actually starting to work out!”
Jack (Conf.): “Steve?  Eh he’s a sissy.  Sure, he’s had a COUPLE of good plays for our tribe, but in the long run, there’s no way a squirt like him can win a game like Survivor.”
Helen (Conf.): “Steve is cute, in a childish way.  I know for a fact he will make it to the merge, but will he make it to the end, I can’t say I believe so.’

Helen, now with Andrew and John, is targeting Jack.

Helen (Conf.): “After a serious talk with John, I’ve come to realize that Jack has been using me to get further in the game.  He thought of me as ‘Expendable’ and that ticks me off.  But I’m not worried.  After all, he’s the biggest target on Tagi.”

As happy as Tagi seemed, some felt out of place.  Vadi being a prime example.  After the last challenge, he has been seen as the “feminine male”, which is effecting his relationship with his teammates.

Vadi (Conf.): “I don’t get why people are getting frustrated all of a sudden.  Everyone was ok with me before but now, people aren’t taking me seriously.  But I’m pumped!  I will recover from this and I will become the sole survivor!”

Last, but not least, Lewis is worrying every day and every night.  He cannot get over the fact that his only ally is over at Pagong, barely surviving, while he is safe and sound at Tagi.

Lewis (Conf.): “Matt is a tough guy, but is he tough enough to stay alive in the game?  Dawn seems to be running everything over there since she isn’t doing well in competitions and hasn’t been voted off yet.  Kyle must have a good spot saying that he’s usually got his arm wrapped around her.  That Paul guy seems as if he has a lot of mood swings.  And Kikakookawhatsit, she’s a mystery.  He could have been voted off as I’m speaking!  Poor Matt, I’ll catch up with you man, don’t worry!”
Steve (Conf.): “Erm, Lewis seems to have issues with Matt being on the other tribe.  But I already know he has it all there.  If he wasn’t instantly voted out as soon as he switched, then he might be running the show over there.  Don’t worry Lewis, I’m sure Matt will make it out okay…”

Day 12 (Pagong Tribe):

Pagong is truly devastated.  After a rough vote, everyone seems to be worried about their position in the game.  Everyone, except Kyle.

Kyle (Conf.): “Alright, let’s face it.  I’m in charge here.  I’ve controlled the removal of Paul, Brittney, Em, and Laquishia.  All I have to do now is either win the challenge, or decide between the fate of Matt and Kiki.”  *wink*
Matt (Conf.): “Well I know for a fact that Dawn will be safe no matter what.  Kyle could never vote for her.  She could never vote for him either.  So it would come down to Kiki and I, and knowing Kyle, he might boot me out for the sake of the merge.”
Kiki (Conf.): “Matt is in good with Kyle and I know for a fact that I’ll go if we do not win today.  Once again, I curse Courtney’s name for ruining my game.”

Dawn is even more depressed than ever.

Dawn (Conf.) *Crying* “He was our ally and we just threw him out the door.  I regret it all!  I shouldn’t have betrayed Paul!  I shouldn’t have betrayed Brittney!  Everything is going wrong and we keep losing challenges…..Maybe I should have gone instead of Paul…….”
Kyle (Conf.): “As happy as I am, I’m still pretty down.  Dawn won’t stop thinking about our friends that we booted off.  She clearly has more of a heart than I do, and I need to make sure that she stays…for the sake of staying of course.” *ahem ahem cough cough*

Down at the beach, Matt consults Dawn about her feelings.

Matt: “Uhh, hey Dawn.”
Dawn: “Oh…hi Matt.”
Matt: “So how are you doing?  Getting rid of Paul was no easy task huh.”
Dawn: “Not at all.” *sniff* “I really hope he doesn’t hate me…”
Matt: *Puts his arm around Dawn* “He does not hate you, Dawn.  It is just a game after all and you did what you had to do to progress in the right direction.”

Right at that moment, Dawn turns and looks right into Matt’s eyes.  After a few seconds of eye contact, she kisses him.

Matt: “Whoa……”
Dawn: “Matt, I really like you.”
Matt: “I….really like you too….”

Matt (Conf.): “Alright, I’ll be honest.  I did not originally have feelings for Dawn, but all of a sudden I’ve become overwhelmed with them.  I have no idea what is happening, but I know that I need to do what is right.”
Dawn (Conf.): “I’ve been contemplating my feelings for Matt ever since he got here.  I know this is a game and all but it is truly more than a game.  It’s a life experience.  And what could make a life more joyful than someone you find yourself to care much about.  At that moment, where he looked me in the eyes, I knew we could be something.”

Kyle, who has no idea what occurred between Matt and Dawn, is having trouble suppressing his feelings as well.

Kyle (Conf.): “It’s gotten to a point where I can’t just let it go.  I think I’m falling for her…..but the game will be ruined if I do…..”

Day 13 (Reward Challenge):

Jeff: “Come on in guys!”

Both, the populated Tagi tribe and the low in numbers Pagong tribe approach their flags.

Jeff: “Today’s reward is a BIG one.  However, it is not for your entire tribe to indulge upon.  Only four people will go on the trip to a local island, where you will eat a feast of plenty!  Ribs, steak, fruit, veggies, desserts, you name it.”
Jack: “I can’t….control…….mouth!  It sounds too god damn delicious!”

Stomachs begin to growl uncontrollably.

Vadi: “Make it stop!”
Jeff: “Then let’s get to the challenge.  Each of you will be wearing one of these outfits.” *Points to a coat with a big bull’s eye in the center* “You will have to throw these paint pellets at your competitors while avoiding other pellets.  If you are hit in the bull’s eye, you are out!  Everyone will receive 5 pellets.  If you run out of pellets…then you’d better run for the hills or hope someone drops one.  Last four people standing win reward.  If everyone understands the challenge, let’s start this up.”

Everyone puts on their gear and readies up for the challenge.

Jeff: “Survivors ready?  Go!”

Everyone begins to scramble around the tiny arena.  Vadi takes the first shot and throws one of his pellets at Jack.  It hits him dead on!

Jeff: “Jack is out right off the bat!”
Jack: “You’ll pay for this later Vadi…”

Andrew, who is working alongside John, pelts a shot right into Lewis’ back.

Lewis: “Damn.  Out already?  I didn’t even get to take a shot!”

Seeing Andrew just take a shot.  Matt jumps on the initiative and throws it right at the target.  However, John blocks the shot using his arm.

Matt: “Aw, no way!”
Andrew: “Thanks man.”
John: “I have your back, don’t worry.  We’ll be eating ribs before sundown!”
Andrew: “Woo!”
Jeff: “Andrew and John showing some true teamwork in this challenge!”

Andrew, seeing Kiki occupied with Steve, nails her right in the bull’s eye.

Kiki: “Ow!  I’ll get you later for that.”
Jack (Conf.): “Kiki could make quite the ally if we have a common enemy.”

Steve aims a shot straight to Dawn, but is intercepted by Matt who was looking out for her.

Jeff: “Even with such an amazing block, it still hit you in the bull’s eye Matt.  You’re out of the challenge!”

Matt: “Aw crap.”

Kyle notices that Matt took a shot for Dawn and it outraged him.  He pelted one right in the back of his head.  Matt falls over and looks right back at Kyle.

Kyle: *Acting innocent* “Oh man sorry Matt!  I thought you were still in!”
Matt (Conf.): “Kyle is acting kind of irrational towards me today.  I wonder…”
Kyle (Conf.): “Who does Matty think he is saving Dawn?  That’s supposed to be my job!”

Jeff: “Three more people need to be eliminated for this challenge to end!”

John, noticing Vadi taking a quick moment to fix his hair, hits him in the back.

John: “Sorry Vadi, but that shot was too easy for me to pass up.”
Vadi: “I understand…”

Kyle, still furious from before, is throwing his pellets everywhere.  He manages to knick Steve right in the back with one of his pellets.

Steve: *sigh*
Jeff: “Kyle really throwing his pellets!  But, he’s all out of pellets!”

Kyle checked his pockets and realized he was out of ammo.  Andrew seizes the opportunity and throws everything he has at Kyle.  Out of pure luck, Kyle somehow prevented every pellet that was thrown at him from hitting the bull’s eye.

Jeff: “Amazing!  Kyle standing strong and now Andrew is out of ammo!”
Andrew: “Nooo!”

Helen attempts to hit John but misses.  She tries on Kyle but misses again.

Helen: “I’m not good at this…”
Dawn: “We’re in the same boat!”

Dawn lobs a pellet over at the defenseless Andrew and manages to hit him square in the circle.

Jeff: “Bull’s Eye!  That’s it!  Dawn, Helen, Kyle, and John win reward!”
Kyle: “Oh thank god.”
John: “Andrew no!”
Andrew: “Go on without me….”

Andrew pretends to die, then gets up and gives John a fist bump.

Andrew: “Go have fun man.  You deserve it.”

Meanwhile, Dawn and Helen are jumping up and down together in happiness.

Helen (Conf.): “It has been so long since Dawn and I have talked and now we can catch up!”

Dawn looks over and Matt with a worried look.  He smiles and waves at her.  Kyle notices and becomes sour.

Kyle (Conf.): “Something is going on here and I’m going to expose it.  If what I think is going on is truly happening, then I will have no choice but to destroy Matt!”

Jeff: “As for the rest of you, head on back to your camps.  I’ll see you all later at the immunity challenge.”

Day 13 (Tagi Tribe):

Immediately after the remaining Tagi returned, Jack lashed out.

Jack: “Vadi, why did you hit me first huh!?”
Vadi: “You were an open target.  Why else?”
Jack: “It’s because you want me to suffer isn’t it?”
Vadi: “Not at all!”

Jack got up in Vadi’s face.  Suddenly, something overcame Steve.  He shoves Jack away from Vadi.

Steve: “Back it up.”
Jack: “Huh!?”
Steve: “Get back or I’ll make you stay back.”
Vadi: “Steve!?”
Lewis: “What’s gotten into you!?”
Steve: “We all wanted to go Jack buddy old pal, but we lost.  YOU lost.  Get over yourself.”
Andrew: “He’s right.”
Steve: “Now if you think you’re above the rest of us, think again.  You’re simply the arrogant bastard who believes that if he makes it to the end, everyone will vote for him because he’s the most dashing and cunning.  Well think again.  I would never vote for you in a million years and neither would anyone else here.  You got that chump?”

Jack cannot make words right now.  Neither can anyone else around him.  Lewis pats Steve on the back after the moment passes.

Lewis: “Steve, take a walk with me.”
Steve: “Lewis…”

They leave and head off into the wooded area.

Lewis: “Steve, you’re not you right now.  I need you to calm down and explain what is going on.”
Steve: “…”
Lewis: “Steve…”
Steve: “Alright fine.  Let me tell you my ‘life story.’ ”

They sat down together.

Steve: “I was bullied a lot as a kid.  You can obviously tell from the way I act around everyone.  I was the guy who played videogames with a passion and didn’t get into too many sports.  Regardless of the bullying, I never did anything about it.  Then one day during my junior year of high school, a senior was threatening a geeky sophomore for stealing his girlfriend.  I saw myself in that kid’s shoes and thought, ‘I need to do something,’ so I dropped everything, including my normal emotions, and stopped the bully by simply shoving him aside.  He knew who I was and he saw the anger in my eyes.  I saw the same situation just happen right before me, except it was with Jack and Vadi.”
Lewis: “That was touching dude…”
Steve: “Now, I need to be left alone.”
Lewis: “Alright man.  Thank you for telling me all this.”
Steve: “And this stays between you and me, got it?”
Lewis: “Sure thing.”

Lewis heads back to camp while Steve sits on his own.

Day 13 (Pagong Camp):

It’s just Matt and Kiki alone at camp.  Kiki confronted Matt about a sensitive topic she had been wondering about.

Kiki: “Alright, I want to know from you is why you jumped in front of Dawn like that.”
Matt: “Uh……because…..erm….”
Kiki: “Exactly what I thought.  You shared a moment with her didn’t you?”
Matt: “Right out with it huh?  Yes, we had a moment, but it wasn’t as serious as you think.”
Kiki: “You and Dawn kissing isn’t serious?”
Matt: “How did you know that!?”
Kiki: “You just told me.”

Matt realizes and facepalms.

Matt: “You can’t tell anyone!”
Kiki: “I suppose I shouldn’t tell Kyle, the guy who has liked her since day one either then?”
Matt: “Kyle likes her!?”
Kiki: “Yes.  And if he found out, your butt would be out of here faster than a cheetah running at full speed.”
Matt: “That is fast…”
Kiki: “No shit.  So we should help each other out here.  We vote out Kyle and you stay here with Dawn and I until the merge.”
Matt: “That’s the only choice I have left…”

Matt (Conf.): “Oh no!   I was already in a tight spot, but now Kiki has blackmail on me.  How am I going to get through this…?”

Day 13 (Reward Island):

Dawn, Helen, Kyle, and John arrive on the island where men and woman in cultural outfits begin rejoicing over their arrival.

John: “Whoa.  These guys really like us.”
Kyle: “No kidding.”

The inhabitants of the island start to decorate Helen and Dawn in cultural gear.

Helen: “Oh how thoughtful!”
Dawn: “I’m not really digging this too much…”

Finally the feast arrived and all four began to chow down.

Dawn: “I haven’t had avocado in, like, 13 days!”
Kyle: “The chicken sandwiches are amazing!”
Helen: “The fruits are so fresh!”
John: “More…..steak……”

After eating, Kyle catches Dawn alone and begins to start his investigation.

Kyle: “Hey Dawn.”
Dawn: “Hiya Kyle!”
Kyle: “What do you think of Matt?”
Dawn: “Well he’s nice and our friend.  Why?”
Kyle: “No reason.”

Dawn became worried.

Dawn: “You’re not going to backstab him like our other friends are you?”
Kyle: “I can’t say I haven’t been thinking about it.”
Dawn: “Kyle, I can’t do that.”

Kyle was more suspicious than ever.

Kyle: “It was supposed to be you and me to the end though Dawn.  If we have to take out a worthy competitor we should do it quickly and painlessly as possible.”
Dawn: “Not to Matt.  He’s been forced to move to a different tribe, deal with Courtney and Paul’s rage, and you expect me to just vote him out like nothing?  I won’t do it.”
Kyle: “Dawn…”
Dawn: “Kyle, you’re my friend, but if you keep backstabbing people, you won’t be able to go anywhere!”
Kyle: “Friend….?  Nothing else…?”
Dawn: “Nothing what?  Listen, we’re friends, and friends don’t backstab other…friends…”

Kyle could sense by her voice that she felt something for Matt.  His soul, his spirit, his enthusiasm, just vanished into thin air.  He looked like a zombie who was attempting to salvage what he had left in his undead-life.

Kyle: “…”
Dawn: “I’m sorry Kyle, but I’m going to go talk to Helen now.  You need to think about your friends and not the game so much!”
Kyle: “…”

Dawn ran off to where Helen and John were sitting, leaving Kyle all by himself.  In a couple of minutes, the boat arrived to take the four of them back.

Day 14 (Immunity Challenge):

Jeff: “Come on in guys!”

Tagi came in, led by Steve, rather than Jack.  Pagong was led in by a happy Kiki.

Jeff: “Wow, you all look kind of dead.”
Kyle: “…”
Jeff: “Anyhow, let’s get to today’s challenge.  There are four different segments to this challenge.  The ring toss segment consists of one person throwing three rings successfully at these wooden sticks.  The rope pull segment has one person pulling a heavy load of weights across a distance using an attached rope.  The diving section puts one person in the water attempting to dive for two keys.  Lastly, the final person must climb one hundred stairs to reach the top of a tower and insert the keys for victory.  Tagi, you need to sit out three people.  Who are they going to be?”
Jack: “We’re going to sit out Ste~”
Steve: “Jack, Lewis, and Vadi.”
Jack: “What!?”
Jeff: “Well alright then.  Survivors ready?  Go!”

Dawn and Helen begin the ring toss.  Dawn hits all three of her initial shots putting Pagong at an advantage.  Helen only makes two and has to collect her last ring to try again.  While Helen recuperates,
Matt begins to pull the weight as fast as he can.

Matt: “This is heavy!”
Dawn: “Come on Matt!  You can do it!”
Kyle: “…”

Helen makes her third shot, allowing John to start pulling his weight.  Matt struggles, but finishes his portion of the race, allowing Kiki to start diving.  John falls over as he used all his energy pulling his weights.  Kiki easily retrieves her two keys and hands them to Kyle.

Kiki: “Run man!”
Kyle: “…”

Kyle, instead of sprinting up the stairs, creeps up them instead.

Jeff: “Kyle might need to pick it up or else Tagi could come back!”

After quite a long time under, Andrew finally retrieves the two keys and throws them to Steve, who begins a full sprint up the stairs.  He slides right past Kyle who is slowly inserting his first key.

Lewis: “He’s like Sonic the Hedgehog…”
Jack: “Who?”
Andrew: “Nah, he’s using whirlwind sprint or something.”
Jack: “What?”
Matt: “Jesus, he’s going as fast as Captain Falcon’s ship!”

Steve, ready to pop the keys in, all of a sudden freezes and falls over.

Steve: “Nrgh….what…”
Lewis: “Steve!  You ok man!?”
Steve: “Um, yeah…but where am I?”
Lewis: “You’re back to normal!”
Steve: “Normal?”

As they were yelling back and forth, a shadow of a man once called Kyle inserted his final key into the slot.

Jeff: “Pagong wins immunity!”

Dawn hugs Matt and Kiki nods in agreement.  Kyle slumps over like a slinky.

Jeff: “Tagi, sadly, it looks like you’ll be facing tribal tonight.  Pack up and head back.  See you later tonight.”

Day 14 (Tagi Tribe):

Jack is panicking.  After all he’s done to everyone here, there is no way he would avoid being booted this time.  He knew unless he made a bold move of some kind, he’d be long gone.  Suddenly, he remembered the words of Steve.

‘I would never vote for you in a million years and neither would anyone else here.’

Jack (Conf.): “That’s how I avoid this problem.  If I can convince the others that if I get to the end I won’t win, they will all be begging me to come along with them.  But I’m going to execute my plan cleverly.  It’ll be a trick.”

Jack wandered to the center of camp and began boasting.

Jack: “Oh hey guys, just stretching for when I win that cash money.”
Vadi: “When you win?  Hah, as if.”
Jack: “Why’s that Vadi?”
John: “No one would ever let you win Jack……hmm…..”

Jack caught John’s eye twinkle.

Jack (Conf.): “If John has any sense, he’d see that there’s no way I would win.  Except I would win haha!”
John (Conf.): “I really hope Jack thinks I’m not voting for him, because everyone is.  Everyone.”

Day 14 (Tribal Council):

Jeff: “Come on in guys!”

The Tagi tribe enters and sits.

Jeff: “Alright, question time.  Vadi, who do you think cost your tribe the challenge today?”
Vadi: “Andrew and Steve.  But I cannot blame Steve, he was having some sort of emotional trouble of some kind.”
Jeff: “Steve, your thoughts?”
Steve: “Um, I haven’t thought of anything.”
Jeff: “Alright then.  Jack, think you’re in trouble tonight?”
Jack: “Of course I am Jeff!  Everyone here is still out for my blood after what I did to Vim.”
Andrew: “He deserved better.”
John: “He deserved your spot.”
Jack: “Man, how can I survive, let alone win if I’m just being hated on all the time.”

Vadi and Steve exchange looks.

Jack: “Now come on guys.  Let’s do the right thing here send a real troublemaker packing, Andrew.”
Andrew: “Whoa whoa, why me and not John!?”
John: “Hey!  Don’t point your finger at me bro!”
Andrew: “Er, sorry but c’mon!”
Jack: “You’re so far under the radar right now that no one even realizes your existence.”
Andrew: “They do too!”
Lewis: “Honestly, I forgot your name earlier…”
Andrew: “You got to be kidding Larry.”
Lewis: “It’s Lewis.”
Andrew: “Whatever, I shouldn’t be the one to go here.  It should be the evil Jack!”
Jeff: “Alright, time is up.  Let’s get to voting.”

Everyone votes.

Jack (Voting): *Writes Andrew* “If this works, I’m a genius.”
Steve (Voting): *Writes Jack* “Please leave..”
John (Voting): “Man…”

Jeff: “I’ll tally the votes.”

Everyone sits in frustration.

Jeff: “If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and they’d like to play it, now would be the time to do so.”

No one stands.

Jeff: “One the votes are read the decision is final.  The person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately.  I’ll read the votes.”

Jeff: “First vote, Jack.”
Jeff: “Second vote, Andrew.”
Jeff: “Third vote, Steve.”

Everyone looks at Steve, who has a shock on his face.

Jeff: “Fourth vote, Lewis.”

Lewis frowns.

Jeff: “Fifth vote, Andrew.”
Jeff: “Sixth vote, Jack.”

Andrew and Jack stare each other down.

Jeff: “Eighth person voted out of Survivor Borneo, Andrew, that’s three and that’s enough.”
Andrew: “No fucking……way…..”
Jeff: “Bring me your torch.”

Andrew snags his torch unwillingly and holds it out.

Jeff: “Andrew, the tribe has spoken.” *snuffs torch* “Time for you to go.”
Andrew: “Y’know guys.  Jack would have had my vote if he got to the end.  Now think about yours…”

Andrew walks off without another word.

Jeff: “Not many of you saw this coming.  And honestly, neither did I.  Grab your stuff and head back to camp, goodnight.”

Everyone grabs their belongings and heads back.  On the way back, everyone reflects over Andrew’s last words.

John: “Jack must be eliminated.”
Lewis: “No doubt.”
Helen: “I regret voting out Andrew, but I agree.”
Steve: “Um, yeah…”
Vadi: “Let’s take this guy out!”

Announcement: This series is officially back underway!  I hope to make one to two episodes a week!



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