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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Thanks to the 40% that Saved Me xoxox

1stFeb 21, 2024 by Royaltyy
Hi Im Nominated for 10th in #Stars

Definately Saw it Coming.  Please save me.

Day 1.    Royal walks in the house and sees a lot of deadbeats.  Immediately ews at the Smell of harehere and crayadian in the same room. Honest too God i didnt do shit on Day 1.  That Lana del Rey adoring hoe mackey was sleepy from playing Roblox for 36 straight hours and wanted to go to bed so she said lets nom Stoney and Cray and that kind of sticked..      mackey was blindisided for being the first to stars a set but she sliced the vote

Day 2.  She wakes up from her beauty sleep. and there we have Obsessed @harehare trying to flop at getting me out in stars for 3rd time in a row. I heard he and crayadian to pushing me yesterday  on Day 1 so I decided to target them and had to slice Hare at her own game and got her up with dalvin which was for sure gonna send that bitch home.

Day 3.   I told them hoes that I was not gonna do their fucking job everyday and suggest sets , so i decided to fan my vagina with peacock feathers and let semnome take the charge to suggest sets, he already knew i didnt like crayadian and he doesnt like systrix so he spread those 2 and i let the set happen with me having to flex my finger nail

The rest of the days,  She lets the deadbeats in the stars house eats at each other, and I was reading the cast , assessing their connections to try to set me up better for the future.

Yesterday though miss Ugly Caller semnome,  got forced into a split of popularity with dalvin, which i didnt suggest or pushed however it did benefit my game to get 1 one of them out due to their Public Support, and decided to get people target me the most hated bitch on the site. which does not benefit his game at all,  but anyways,  Everytime Vitor doesnt gets his way in stars he calls me a bitch and blocks me for 3 months.

With that being said, id appreciate any saves to stay in the game and shake it up..  If not Phaedra still loves you.

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Gllll !!! U need u win this game
Sent by alex_naf,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by Absolutely,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Feb 21, 2024
Good luck
Sent by Vlad21,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by daveycool,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by daveycool,Feb 21, 2024
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Saved ily
Sent by pit0709,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by Machu,Feb 21, 2024
Plussed xoxox
Sent by adamgrant,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by Yoko_Homo,Feb 21, 2024
Mackey wanted to do crayadian with gaiaphage?? That would鈥檝e been terrible
Sent by konohavillage1,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Feb 21, 2024
Suerte amiga
Sent by Santu,Feb 21, 2024
Queen Shit!
Sent by ybbob,Feb 21, 2024
good luck hun
Sent by systrix,Feb 21, 2024
Goodluck Queen <3
Sent by LeaWalker,Feb 21, 2024
you did nothing XD
Sent by PrincessPinklips,Feb 21, 2024

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