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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Design Info

May 28, 2014 by RoughNightBro
For Wonderland and hannah_banks2250 designs,

I will not be giving out permission for auctions unless you have a really good reason for why I should let you post it in auctions.

For gifting you will be asked to gift 1-2 people depending on the design, and you may be asked to gift them something that isn't the design you post.

For Zimy designs,

If you want to use them in auctions you must give her credit, and she must be gifted from you shop once for every 2 you spam AND successfully get into auctions. We will be checking every couple of days so don't forget otherwise you will not be allowed to use her designs at all.

If you want to use them for gifting you will have to gift her it if she does not have it, if she does have it you will have to gift her something else you are posting, you may be asked to gift 2 people for some designs.

If you want to gift trishytrash skin with zimy brows, we will have you gift someone with little to no designs, and no skin whatsoever.

I will also give permission for .es and .br but the same rules generally apply.



Weaves excluding Ombre:
Male Designs:

Male Eyes [Browless]:
Male Eyes [W/ Brows]:
Female Eyes [Browless]:
Female Eyes [W/ Brows]:
Male Pokemon Hoodies:
Other Male Designs:
Female Pokemon Hoodies:
Other Female Designs:



Any questions and I can be contacted
Skype: Roughnightbitch
Kik: Roughnightbro

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