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9thJul 15, 2014 by RoseMaria
And I'll post if I like you or not and my favorite memory or what memory sticks out most about you.

#JetsRock12 - LOL oh fuck I do like you! I remember me disliking you because I feel like I never know if you want to work with me or not in games! I always see your ass in stars every 6 weeks LOL but its cute ily. My favorite memory is becoming friends with you again. I think we were in a frooks and I had no other choice but to stop being a cunt to you and make up LOL glad we're friends now! Wish we talked more :)

#Mradamman12 - Im indecisive when it comes to you :X I don't really know you but your avi is cute so I feel like you have to be cute yourself! My favorite and only memory is us playing a frooks together. I'm pretty sure you evicted me though but shoot me a PM some time ;)

#Jenniferr - LOL I fucking love you!! You are so crazy though, but I'm a crazy bitch myself! We are always a hit or a miss! My favorite memory is any frooks that involved you callling out anyone else besides me because you seriously crack me up!! ♥

#Bowling4fun - I remember when you would be in fastings ALL THE TIME LOL you were such a cute noob then got designs out of no where. I love you because you always comment on my blogs :) You seem like a real sweetheart! I don't really know you though! My biggest memory is seeing you pop into all those fastings!

PurpleCows - LOL LOVE YOU. My favorite memory of you is back stabbing you in that hunger!! LOL I'm sorry but it was so funny. You're the biggest sweetheart! 2nd fave memory is us twerking frooks ;)

BengalBoy - Ugh Love! You're seriously so fucking adorable that you could be like some greek god. And you're probably the funniest person thats walked this planet besides myself, Olympia and Ohhayy. My favorite memory is whenever you made that blog about me telling you to get gay or get out LOL I feel like you should sit there and send shirtless pictures to me 24/7 or moan to me the alphabet on call til I jack off and fall asleep. Whenever you decide that you're a raging top homosexual and you need to get a lot of aggression out hit me up bby and I'll be in the UK asap xx LOL JK but in all seriousness I fucking love you and I'm glad you're still on here because you always crack me the fuck up! ♥

#Ethan000 - I don't really know about you! :X I don't dislike you! You're great at vetos and I remember you being in like the rebels or some frat like that maybe you were in the melissasinclair29's crew? You're a great frookies player and I'm glad that you're still on the site cause I feel like we're both kind of not OLD tengaged but a little older than these newbies ;)

#sosyomomma - I LOVE YOU!! You're a real sweetheart I devote my little life to you next game we play because I back stabbed you so bad last frooks. I dont really remember you before that though! I love seeing you blog though LOL You're a great game player though! :) I hope we can play another game soon so you can see I'm really not THAT big of a back stabbing cunt! ♥

Dhucking_Quacks - LOVE YOU!! I am so happy we got to play that failed survivor together! #Violeness's for LYFE. My favorite memory of you is being on call with you and EyooMarcus even though I don't really like him anymore. I hope we can end up in another game because I would really like to get to know you more! :)

#Danio - I LIKE YOU! I get you confused with all those other middle easterns that Jenna2010's friends with. I never know if we are friends or not :X but my favorite memory is playing a crooks or frooks with you and asking if you liked me and you were just like LOL WHY WOULDNT I?! And we fucking slayed I think! Mail me though I feel like we really barley even know each other!! :(

Ohhayy - LOL you are my best fucking friend I love you! I don't even really know why we decided to be close all of a sudden but my favorite memory of you is playing all of those skype games whenever you made fun of me but it was fun lol!! It was the old times ♥ And I love slaying cunts on Town of Salem and Zwoop with you! And I feel like we are the funniest mother fuckers ever! I'm so happy we're besties and I hope you still love me evenafter I become a hot ass naughty navy nurse! ♥

#PotatoSalad - You need to fucking talk to me because I have no idea who you are but I feel like you're so hot I could probably cum.

#Bobrocks333 - I'm mad at you right now because you give out bad excuses. If you're going to back stab me in a game just say its because you're besties with William and Mike and I back stabbed Mike and William doesnt like me so you have to just roll with it. Don't act like you're back stabbing me because you're at the bottom of an alliance where the game has nothing to do with alliances except for 1 part of the game there would have only been 1 other part in the game where we could have voted and we all wouldnt have even made it. I respect good liars because thats good game players. Next time you lie to me make it believable. I felt like we got a little closer in hunger games and thats my favorite memory about you. I didnt really care about you before then but who knows I'm never gonna be fake to someone so just hit me up tomorrow I'll probably be over everything by then xD

LemJam6 - I like you! Favorite moment is being on call with you, Brian and Sam xD I don't really know you though so message me some time!

Minie - I have no fucking clue who you are but everyone loves you! You do seem really sweet besides the fact that you think you can roll on up and act like Brian likes you more than me!! Favorite memory is failing frooks with you! Next game we need to slay hun lets STEP UP OUR GAME!

Cfff - Love you!! I always tell everyone that we're getting married you crack me up and my favorite memory is watching BB with you! And beating you in hunger obvi! I do love you though! I wish we did better in skype games though :(

Saraj10 - Love you! Glad we got to play a hunger games together! :) I remember when we would always pop into frooks and get nommed right away together and I'd fucking stay over your cute little ass! I wish we talked more especially since we live in the same state! You're as sweet as can be and I love that we're friends! ♥

GoodAllan - idk you have me removed on skype but I think you're a great game player in frooks you always allie with everyone and it scares me LOL cause you're just a dangerous player but I love it and it turns me on also. xx I'd love to talk to you though! :D

Dane_Williams - LOL Love you! You will always be a noob to me! We have the same last name though maybe we should fuck a lot and get married. Message me if you're down! My favorite game is when you were more active and I'd always see you in frookies and you would always team up with me no matter what :) I've always liked you for no reason LOL

Carsonl - I dont know how I feel about you! You're actually cute and it grosses me out because I totally fucking got you in hunger games. Idk you're cute but you could stiill be a disgusting piece of shit OR a complete sweetheart? We've never had a conversation and me calling you cute is me making the first move so its on you if we ever become friends or not!

Mozues - You asked me to xp fight with you when you should have just let me win and I got shot out. I loved you but you failed at being my Peeta. You are the weakest link GOODBYE. Jk I love you! You're a sweetheart! :D Even though you decided to meet up with Jess and not me I'm fucking pissed.

LittleMix - LOL Idk I love you but you irritate me in every way. I wish I could never play a game with you because I never know where we stand we smile at each other but plan on taking each other out. :) We never plan to actually make it far together and I don't like that some day we're gonna end up getting nommed in stars together cause we're both so hated LOL I can feel it. I do kind of love you though but you piss me off.

Lexi0103 - LOL You fucking crack me up!! You are one of my first friends I ever made on this site and I love your sister Mercedes as well!! My favorite memory is playing that rookies with you! And we met donkeystalker even though he was a little crazy but he ended up being super nice afterwards! I do love you! :) I hope we can play more games together and can catch up! ♥

Gaiaphage - A part of me loves you because you helped shoot arrows with me at Gabriel, the other part loves you because I just saw you post shirtless signs and you're fucking sexy. I don't even think you realize how hot you are which makes it even more cute LOL But we're probably getting married and my favorite memory is seeing you in group games FOREVER ago LOL. I'm glad you're still on here because I remember when we were noobs together! ♥

Meyaar - I LIKE YOU! I get you confused with all those other middle easterns that Jenna2010's friends with. I never know if we are friends or not :X but my favorite memory is playing a crooks or frooks with you and asking if you liked me and you were just like LOL WHY WOULDNT I?! And we fucking slayed I think! Mail me though I feel like we really barley even know each other!! :( I REMEMBER YOU IN FASTINGS WOULD ALWAYS JOIN WITH THE SAME FUCKING PERSON I THINK DANIO LIKE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND MAKE FINALS LOL WHEN WE WERE NOOBS. xx

vh1luvr15 - idk atm, Favorite memory was when I first met you! You were so sweet to me when you were in your first stars and made me feel special when I was a noob. Then I saw you on an OC call and knew instantly who you were and I was just all shy and nervous LOL. I ended up getting pissed cause I felt like you only talked to me for support but who fucking knows where we stand.

Sheena - LOL I fucking love you! I always have even though your bff hates me! You always crack me up I wish we actually talked! I miss playing survivor with you!! My favorite memory would be that bull shit frookies that we played in with me, you, maxi, ohhayy and zakisaboss and all them LOL! Love you! ♥

Funnehliner - I will forever love you for always being loyal to me in every frookies and even in that skype game! LOL but stop flipping out on people that evict you in stars! YOU ARE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF. I wish I knew more about you! ♥

Lucinda - My favorite memory is how close we were whenever you were in the plastics LOL and you were an irl girl and I was a noob. We would fucking slay games then one day you decided you wanted to be some super sexy Italian god and got bored with me because you already know you're hot shit so BYE :*

Yoshicoolman - I like you! You're a real sweetheart I hate that we can never make it far in games my favorite memory is you working that 29th and me getting 2nd ;) Love you hun! Hopefully we can slay some time! ♥

James1990 - I like you! You're a sweetheart my favorite memory is being on call with you! Love playing frookies with you :)

Thumper91 - I really like you! My favorite memory is being on call with you and Marcus! I don't want you to think I dont like you because I nominate you in games honestly I just never talk to you and we don't ever let each other know where each others heads are at! I hope we can start playing together and being on the same side! I really do think you're a sweetheart thats why I nom you cause I know you cant ever stay mad at little ol me ;)

Starfresh33 - I really dont know. I feel like you're insecure and a bottom. You're a little cutie but I feel like you hate me cause you act like I'm all that obsessed with you and the truth is I'm just not. 2 bottoms dont make a top! I think game wise you're a good player and I hope some day we can be friends again but if you dont want that to be any time soon I'm fine with whatever! Always here if you want to chat.

Sprtsgy1989 - Love you! Always there as a quick allie in games and I love that you're still here because I old we're both old tengaged ;) Wish we talked more! Favorite memory was knocking your ass out of survivor so me and my bestie JumboBumbo could merge! ♥ Hopefully we can do that to someone else some time :)

Jouix - I used to hate you but you're my super hero :) I will never forget  that you took me over straightloonie in that survivor I'm pissed we couldnt get a merge streak going but I feel like as a person I would love to get to know you! You seem like a complete sweetheart but game wise I hope we can play another game soon ;)

@Alaskinfiredragon - I forget who your multi is again :( Wish we talked more! I like you though :) I deff supported you in stars

@Acuyta - You seem okay! We dont talk much but your avi is cutie and your a pov king ;) Hope we can play more games soon!! ♥

PoohSnap - I'll love you if you let me be your piglet ♥

People I just don't fucking know, but thanks for the Ts:
#EyooMarcus :) I do miss you singing me to sleep even though you're so boring to be on call with ;)


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