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TBB3 Finale: Cast Rankings!

Jul 3, 2020 by Rocker917
I've been watching closely and had some friends within the game so I have tried not to make too many public comments about #TBB3 but I've been wanting to do cast rankings since I used to think they were fun to read when I played

Incredible gameplay by everyone though...mostly!

1. Ms Bean

I figured we would get the controversial one out of the way early. Ms. Bean was WOKE. Was getting out Tim at F8 and nominating him with Brea, BOTH of his F2s a good move? Who cares that was GOOD TV. Bean will forever be team #GoodTV for his sass and gameplay. I've heard soo much criticism on pretty much every move he made but I really don't care at all, the messiness is even more entertaining for me. Not to mention that we STAN a girl who isn't afraid of taking power and making moves, and with all the competition wins bean had down the stretch, he was a game changer. I didn't know him at all before this game but I became friends w him during my stars week when we were both STRESSIN over our games together and he's one of my better friends on TG now :)

2. Jordyn Rose

GODDESS Obviously I had a relationship w her before the season because we were allied on the Pretty People Alliance on S2 and she was loyal to me til my eviction, even voting in the minority to protect me when I went home. A true social queen and strategic genius. People do not see what she does in the episodes because her gameplay isn't about flashy competition wins and backdoors. Shes very calculated behind the scenes and slowly moves socially. That is why she got all the way back to F4 again... which some of yall do not realize how much WORK it takes.

3. Grace

I think she was gone way way too early in this game, and she deserves to be at the top of this list. I was really disappointed that she was gone so quickly from this game. I think I've heard from just about every player/alumni/fan that "Grace was so robbed" if there is any sort of returnee twist in the future I would personally be advocating for Grace to get another shot because she could have been such GREATNESS and we didnt get to see it.

4. Tim

Tim was such a fucking underrated player and I will stand by that to the GRAVE. Outside of the gameplay and strategy stuff, I kinda think the stuff like "the undietard" is hilarious, and Tim sucking it up and owning those punishments is so iconic. I know a lot of people missed Season 1 because it was so long ago, but Tim walking around in public with the underwear on his head to make it in for a ceremony is literally the BEST moment in the history of TBB. If you have not seen this clip...find it

5. Brea
6. Nichole

These two NEEDED to be put together. Such a fucking dynamic pairing. Queens of drama and controversy. Nichole was no stranger to power snatching comp wins up the ass, and Brea literally fought and WON in arguments with just about the whole cast who dared to cross her. Socially, Strategically, Competitively, these girls were absolute powerhouses in this game and it is impossible to talk about this game without talking about these icons. 5 and 6 genuinely feels kinda low but this cast is just THAT GOOD

7. Gabbie

Another of my friends from Season 2 <3 I've stayed close with her on snapchat over the years and we still talk most days tbh. Shes such an incredible person outside the game and a legend within it. Today i heard some slander calling her a "floater" but yall do not understand that she OWNS the floptress strategy. She maneuvered S2 by coming off as non threatening for the competitions and then SNATCHED everyone at the end. Thats not exactly a strategy thats gonna work when youre a returning winner tho, so the deck was stacked against her. 9th is HARD to get to when you're targeted early like that BELIEVE ME

8 Jack

We stan a winner king and another icon from the Season 2 crowd. I'm really shook at the way that Jack was able to stay off the block AGAIN for almost the entire season. On both S2 and S3 I believe he was the last person to go unnommed (tied w steve in S2, stood alone in s3 if I remember correctly). However I take issue personally w some aspects of his strategy just because it clashes so heavily with the way that I play. Jack is very aware about how beneficial it is to "vote in majority" and tends to feel out an eviction to get on the right side of it, and how he can keep himself safe for the next week. As the person who loves to try and position themselves into having the power and influence as a swing vote, these strategies obviously clashed. But in S3 i think he did a fantastic job of keeping in good with the people in power, and won a lot more comps when he needed to, and that is why he won.

9. Rell

Another player who I felt was really underrated. I'd never really been close with rell or played a game with him that I know of, but I'd seen his name around her and in skype chats and stuff in the past, so I knew of him, and I knew he was a pretty good strategist going into the game. As far as people I'd been cheering for, he was one of the first newbies that I really started rooting for, and followed that through to the end. He fell short at the end of course, but I like rell from the beginning and I really respect the game he played. 

10. Shon
Jeez I am sorry I love this king but he fell to double digits WHOOPS. Shon was a stan for me in S2 and i always remember that kind of loyalty <3 But I also remember how he wasnt loyal in an Endurance game we played a few months after so that probably influenced this LOL. This guy is the absolute king of getting fucked over by a twist. He takes pandoras box? it gets him nominated. He wins HoH? Secret Veto. Pre-jury gets to vote on who played the worst game so far? they pick shon. NEVER caught a break. 
As Allison said in S1 many times, Shon was hosting the academy awards in his last HoH with how many people he nominated that week as a result of twists.

11. Malibu
QUEEN the last of the S2 people on my rankings <333 you were robbed way too early on this season, whereas you were a front-runner down the stretch to win S2. Honestly it seemed like the cast was really targetting people like you/gabbie/alex who had already played and gotten deep in the game regardless of what you had actually done on the season. Such a glamorous and gorgeous person idc what anyone is gonna say abt her.

12. Taylor

Ugh I really had higher hopes for how you were going to play in this game. Especially with icons like Brea and Nichole making runs into the late game, I thought you would find yourself up there with them. You got snatched early on in retaliation for that twist-power you had if I remembered? We stan skinny legends but we just did not get to see enough from you, and I didn't feel that same "legend potential" that I felt with Grace when she got robbed.

13. Alex

I love Alex as a person and I think he's amazing at the competitions that Mike does, but its just way way way too obvious that he's good at them and he does not try to hide it. I mean yea if you're playing that hard that fast you're gonna blow up your target. I suppose coming in as a winner who had won a lot of comps he did need to hit the ground running, but I still think he overplayed his hand too fast.

14. Joe

I mean yea you were in and out of the game in under an hour so obviously you didnt get much time to make an impact. But I still felt as though you managed to overplay. Without even being in the game, I was just watching the cast reveal and you were already involved in drama before the cast was fully revealed. Of course you were going to be the first boot target. I know you're capable of wayyy more than what you showed us in that game so I was pretty disappointed to see you crash and burn out so quickly.

It was an amazing season everyone! I dont know all yalls @ s so you can find it yourselves and share it among yourselves if you wanna read your rankings

Love all of yall, and welcome to all the newbies to the TBB Alumni :)


Solid reasonings for all so a +15!

Out of curiosity were you invited for S3 because I remember you were a name I was expecting to be a lock and then was shocked you weren’t on !
Sent by Christian_,Jul 3, 2020
I was invited Christian_ there was like a 48 hour window to accept the invite/film all of the introductory pieces and that happened to fall during my final exams so I didnt have time. I believe something similar was why Elise couldnt play either
Sent by Rocker917,Jul 3, 2020
Omg thank you so much billy <3 love you lots and these are written amazingly I would’ve worked with you if you was on our season!
Sent by Eaurea,Jul 3, 2020

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