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FINALS In Stars 604!

4thJun 13, 2020 by Rocker917
I- whew. What a week.
Truthfully, I have myself to blame for how insane this week in stars has been. Since Day 1 I was playing HARD, picking targets and fighting for my life.

This game was played at my tempo, which is Chaotic and Dramatic. One of my biggest strategies in this game was "lighting fires" essentially just starting rumors, fake sets, offering splits, and starting drama constantly as a way of trying to make the game hard to predict for my castmates. Splits, Blindsides, Deception, Paranoia, anything that could give me an edge in the game I used.
Despite my flavorful nominations, I actually did extremely well from a strategic standpoint, locking in the nominations that would go through in almost every day except for the ones where I was nominated.

Please vote for me to win here! I would very much appreciate every one of your votes :D

How I nominated (mostly for the cast)----------------------------------------------------

16 - Maturo/Cray
Joe volunteered, not a whole lot to say for this. Had no issue putting Cray up with him

15 - Adam/iiCreazyDX
Both these guys were playing too hard too fast, and making chats and sets that didn't quite make sense. They would counter people of pretty radically different popularity levels and made chats that didn't seem to include the right people. I respect them for trying to get the ball rolling, but this was not it.

14 - Norris/Magge
Almost went the opposite way on this one. This was the night I spontaneously planned a "house call" on skype for the cast. Marlaak Tito and Myself went on another call after the house call to talk nominations and split the noms this way to test some popularity out. Also, Eddie/Bryan were feuding hard still, and although I wanted to put them up together, others in the cast overruled me.

13 - Bryan/Tito
Yea I tried to split on Tito for 13th. It was kind of a messy vote tbh, and this was the first DC where I was at work and had a really difficult time playing, wasn't shocked when I went up.

12 - Bryan/Cray
The first set in the game that I made. Part of me loves being nominated because it gives you so much leverage when you get back into the game. This was one of those times, as you'll see I started getting targets out consecutively and took power around this point.

11 - NicoleF/Druhhhbby
Eddie idk if you knew but I actually split these noms LMAO. The PLAN was that Bryan would stay in the poll and we were going to renominate him right after against you and you would've beaten him. But last minute we were shook when cray won the poll. He wouldve been up for a third time in double digits including a back to back and that left us feeling nervous. We had a pretty solid majority so we reshuffled the alliance a little around here.

10 - Mason/Magge
Worked heavily w Tommy Marlaak and Austin at this point. We formed a solid final 4 alliance and had gotten through a couple votes together as an alliance going back to the 12th. Thats really the group that ran the game, with me being the most publicly vocal and getting responsibility for the decisions this group we'll see because...

9 - Robby/Oatty
First time I locked in 0/2 this game. And it fucking sucked getting flipped on here I felt like I had been nominated with Alex just because it was believed she would win the poll and take me out. I kinda felt defeated at this point and the fatigue of the game (something Tommy mentions really was digging at him too, I remember in PMs talking abt how exhausting this DC was) really started setting in for me. My motivation to scheme and plot was really starting to drop and I didnt think I was gonna stay in the poll genuinely and I felt isolated even if I came back so I felt it was a good time to leave in a blaze of glory bc....

8 - Marlaak/Oatty
I won my poll, nailed the split, and was left in an absolutely impossible position in the game. Mason was believed to be the only remaining popularity threat and I had just beaten Alex who WAS the popular threat in our game. I didn't really catch much heat about the fact that these noms split, but Oatty going was really really good for my game. However, I was inevitably countered with Mason to take down more "popular threats" from the game. I tried offering the "If I go up at 5 instead of 7 and get evicted, I will 100% lock in cray for 4th and let the other 3 go to finals" to the cast. I feel like my offer was declined when...

7th - Robby/ I don't actually remember?
I mean the cast might remember what I was trying to push here but it didnt mean a damn thing. Everyone locked in me and Mason. And they were pretty open abt it too and kinda expected me to lose this poll too. I felt it would've been better to save it for 5th on account of there not being anybody popular enough to win in a poll against me it seemed besides Mason. This was kinda the pinnacle of "Wow I've really been outcasted in this game and I'm really getting exhausted trying to stay off the block" attitude for me in this game. It was also the third time this week where I was nominated while being at work. We Love That.

6 - Austin/Robby
Damn I got fucking heat for this. Literally didnt even lock in Marlakk and Austin was pissed at me for lying about this vote. But I literally didn't know Marlakk was a counter bc I was pretty outcasted and not really PMing anymore with people, whereas I'd spend all day in peoples PMs the first days of the game. I was really just too tired at this point to deal w it and there wasn't a sense in arguing because I didn't feel like anyone would believe me, and I think they all wanted to believe I had split the noms. I mean I was an easy scapegoat, I had been playing too hard too early, and I was still around.

5 and 4 - Robby/Tommy
I let everyone PM me and make their offers and all that to me but at this point in the game, they had completely rejected the offer that I had about nomming Cray because I was NEXT to him. But really, I had significantly bigger issues in this game. Tommy and Robby were both unnommed still, and they were the last unnommed. Getting them up became my highest priority in the game and not much else mattered at this point.

I hope this clears up how I played and how I nominated in this game. I genuinely cannot remember just 1 of the nominations and if we really go back and dig for it we could find out but I think its irrelevant at this point.
I wanna shoutout the people who have been most loyal to me this week, since I promised some of yall shoutouts at the end of the week :)

Yall were so important to my game thank you
And so so so so many more that I needed to stop bc TG only lets you tag so many people in a blog.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT THIS WEEK AND HELPING ME GET BACK INTO FINALS. OBVIOUSLY WITH MY NOMINATIONS I NEEDED YOUR HELP AND YOU ALWAYS GAVE IT. REGARDLESS OF THE RESULT IN FINALS...THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE SAVED ME THIS WEEK I have never been in this many difficult polls in a stars and survived them all. It was iconic as fucking hell and this will forever be one of my favorite stars, and probably my last. Going out in a blaze of glory like always :')
See ya Stars 604. Good Luck to Tommy and Robby!


Gl go win stsrs!!
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Jun 13, 2020
eilish I’ll accept an apology lol. I DID lock in Alex/mason and not you. Billy split. Lol he played the same way as me but I took all the heat.
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Jun 13, 2020
nicolef not eilish sorry!
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Jun 13, 2020
I really hope u win!!! ur dog looks so cute
Sent by BrunoMiguel,Jun 13, 2020
+15 gl
Sent by Marlakk,Jun 13, 2020
Good luck!!!
Sent by jhelsdon2478,Jun 14, 2020
Sent by Music,Jun 14, 2020

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