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Such an iconic game

Nov 25, 2018 by Rocker917
Congrats to Marcus on back to back Stars wins! He played such a good game and I can't even be upset <3 Eyoomarcus

That was my favorite stars that I ever played. Congrats to SurvivorRocks for his 30% in finals. He played an awesome game as well.

This F3 was so good. I don't care that there are people who are bitter and hate our friend group. Marcus and I were huge threats from DAY 1 and we both made finals. This F3 only went up 5 times the whole game, and one of us was countered almost every day.

We were outcasted immediately by this cast because we all were associated as friends from outside the game, and people wanted us out of the game ASAP

Instead we flipped the game and took power. You can't tell the story of this game without talking about Me Marcus and Ben.

Its not often you see three villains make it to the end of a stars, but in this bloodbath of a game we did it girls :)
Thanks again 26.6% at the end of the day, we still did THAT
See ya stars house :)

Great game each and every one of you :)


good game
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Lol you did NOT just spell my name wrong
Sent by coreyants,Nov 25, 2018
Fixed now Coreyants
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