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  1. Me logging into tengaged
  2. Anybody watching Celebrity BB?
  3. I’m going to philly this weekend
  4. Merry Christmas Tengaged ⛄️
  5. What I think is funny about this group game
  6. I woke up this morning
  7. I come back three hours later
  8. Honestly
  9. I need
  10. I just found my old stars vlogs
  12. Such an iconic game
  13. The Stars that’s about to finish
  14. Fun Fact
  15. Somebody said this today
  16. Grabs popcorn
  17. Check out my vlog :)
  18. I can I join in
  20. should i join stars today
  21. Say what you want
  22. Check out my vlog :)
  23. Check out my vlog :)
  24. Check out my vlog :)
  25. THANK YOU 55.6%!!!
  26. I definitely fucked up somewhere
  27. Why are you so obsessed with me
  29. This stars is interesting
  30. Should I make another big comeback
  31. I just got Clue #4
  32. what are these clues
  33. Remember when
  34. Everytime I get bored in class now
  35. If Rachel Swindler doesnt win AFHG
  36. Remember when
  37. A bit late
  38. Honestly tho
  39. OK what
  40. The blogs page has been boring recently

This stars is interesting

Nov 19, 2018 by Rocker917
Because everyone is talking about this big majority “premade” and saying it’s such a threat

Yet the counters yesterday were
Blue jay/Mdavis

None of which are in the premade...

This game isn’t impossible, people are just playing poorly


Who did Michael nom then?
Sent by GoodKaren,Nov 19, 2018
-15 for poor gameplay
Sent by JetsRock12,Nov 19, 2018
nobody cares
Sent by RoboZoe,Nov 19, 2018
so youre admitting theres a premade?
Sent by BB5lover,Nov 19, 2018
Goodkaren probs bluejay and quas
Sent by BarbraStreisand,Nov 19, 2018
rocker917 me at this flop argument
Sent by koolness234,Nov 19, 2018
Those were the counters because we are trying to fight to stay at this point and we know that nomming each other is the only way to do that.
Sent by M_Davis1998,Nov 19, 2018
BB5Lover I’ve been calling it a majority, considering I didn’t talk to these people before joining

There aren’t THAT many people on tengaged who are active anymore, obviously people who know each other are in stars, there aren’t that many who play anymore
Sent by Rocker917,Nov 19, 2018

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