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  1. I Have American Idol Spoilers
  2. Theres a lot of blatant attention seeking today
  3. hi
  5. Anybody else
  6. I'll just leave this here
  7. I cant
  8. Damn
  9. +250
  10. I need help
  11. I just had a foursome
  12. IS this your daughter
  13. Survivor is casting 18 Year Olds Now?
  14. Ooooh created Lake Tahoeeee
  15. Where does CBB
  16. Poll
  17. If HLC made Bbcan 6
  18. Honestly
  19. OMG
  20. Which F3 was better
  21. Tbh
  22. I was in class today
  23. Ugh
  24. Fun Fact
  25. I think its funny
  26. Are you done
  27. I feel like my popularity is bouncing back
  28. Imagine having
  29. Hi
  30. Just booked a place
  31. ON March 24th 2018
  32. Please do ignore me
  33. It’s very hypocritical
  34. Hi
  35. Jessicody won TAR?
  36. Out of curiousity
  37. Update on the blogs page
  38. Tito don't compare Idah to anyone
  39. Being the petty bitch I am
  40. Sweetie

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11thJan 3, 2018 by Rocker917
Gets rowwed out by 5 people and 5 multis
okaaaaay then at least I have a life lol


(Ween) Chink, chink, chink, chink, chink
(Kelly) Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger
(Johnny) Gook, gook, gook, gook, gook, gook
(Ashley Kelsey)Im Ashley Kelsey! What is a gook Mow My Lawn GentlemanG Mow My Lawn GentlemanG Mow My Lawn GentlemanG
Sent by mrcool,Jan 3, 2018
at least ur hot :x
Sent by titoburitto,Jan 3, 2018

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