Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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6thJan 6, 2016 by RoboZoe
my favorite tengaged memory with you :')
if idk u i'm gonna guess what your favorite type of game is on here w/o looking at yer page

delete2544 idk u so im gonna guess slow rookies!

jenzie obviously being nominated for 16th together after hilariously/emarrassingly trying to get andalarew and niki101 up! honestly though that game was hella fun to watch from the sidelines anyway and glad you won :')

_teemo_ definitely playing blockles with u , castings , bridgette77 and whoever else played. except when everyone would ally up against me and fucking slam all their blocks on me like the dick heads you all are!

arris idk u that well so im going to guess stars is your favorite to play!

Hannah_Banks2250 also playing stars with you and making u my sheep lmaoo jk but we did slay the hell out of beautifulbones and austinofff15fan for 13th after they nominated me for 14th for literally 0 reasons

Guigi idk u either so I'm gonna guess survivor is your favorite

jadennator1 going on calls with u and suzycroatia and giggling about hannah montana together!

danny12 nothing sticks out so imma guess your favorite game is castings!

jasonxtreme idk you that well so im going to guess castings as well :)

obscurity idk i had loved our friendship like 2 years ago when we used to talk on calls together all the time and joke about everything. i think my favorite will always be when we got nominated for 17th together and we literally didn't even see it coming when it was so fucking obvious. i don't know why but that was so funny to me

Maxi1234 um my favorite memory is definitely when you would yell at me when i was a noob and call me mean names thx bye

jguill idk i just met you today in castings! so maybe this will create a memory with us together haha :) so for now i will guess your favorite game is rookies ?

danielledonato idk you that well but if i had to guess your favorite game i would guess slow rookies ?

Obstreperous idk you yet! but i will guess your favorite is fasting

kinggeek i don't know you , so i will have to guess your favorite game is hunger games!

admir wait omg i thought of the wrong person originally lmaoo i guess i don't know u that well then after all! so i guess your favorite game will be survivor :) sorry lmao

galaxies idk you either aaaah but imma guess your favorite is hunger games

pikachu142 idk u sorry babe but I'm gonna guess frookies

Orlando652 idk im torn between when i was yellin at you in castings or when i was yellin at you for not nomming with me in stars after i had got ur name off being a counter, and instead u nominated me and i got evicted lmfao. so i guess my favorite memory is just me yelling at you..

Justin_Hicks i dont recall a memory so im going to guess that your favorite game is hunger games :)

tharealmike idk besides snapchat my favorite memry is probably when you used to help me with my spanish homework  a few years ago and ended up giving me a lot of help with it haha =] i miss being closer with u though you were one of my original 10gaged frands

crush my fav memory with you was when we would play scoderk and always be each other final 2 in it lmao and once u let me win the really intense game that got me to be the trial tester for another game idk it was so cute tho and i was hella (invlove) lmaoo ily < 3

bridgette77 honestly every game on LoL is my favorite .... especially when we were noobs and doing bot games and when i bought 2 pairs of boots thinking i was going really fast LMAO!


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jen z
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ok haha
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wow 2 shades in 5 minutes :(
Sent by Arris,Jan 6, 2016
do i even kno u
Sent by MickJagger,Jan 6, 2016
I love u
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thanks for skipping me fat ass you fat fat ass
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