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  1. When I saw Marissa on Celebrity BB
  2. Negative T$ Theory
  3. I just love how most of yall
  4. I am so proud of myself
  5. I found Halloween
  6. Attention!
  7. If you really want to voice out
  8. It seems like
  9. I love how all of you
  10. Why do you all support this site?
  11. new promotion forum
  12. Hey guys :)
  13. This site is still working?
  14. 馃巿Today is my Birthday馃巿
  15. accepting apps for TRAPPED
  16. New look ;)
  17. LAST DAY
  18. Happy Veteran's Day
  20. 2 more spot!
  21. New Duel open!
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  24. LEAKED Randomize's Costume
  25. 4 more spots
  26. New Upcoming Community!
  27. Please Join a NEW ORG forum
  28. Big Brother Online XYZ
  29. Join!
  30. Don't forget to join
  31. Currently accepting applications!
  32. Forum finally open!
  33. BBO will be open tomorrow!
  34. Oh I came back on
  35. I am done with
  36. Okay today on campus
  37. Thank you all for the support!
  38. I am going to be honest
  39. Say goodbye to your 5000+T$
  40. LMAO

I just love how most of yall

Jan 17, 2018 by RobiLee
Fucking bitch and are disappointed with Randomize for doing nothing. Why would he do anything if you play 5 or more games a week, blog daily, and purchase T$? The site is online and running. You guys are supporting him by doing that.  If I am generating money on a shit site that needs work and make the same doing more work to fix I wouldn't change nothing either. Protest don't buy T$   Which will hurt him a lot.


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