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NEW Tengaged Sister Site

2ndApr 18, 2021 by Robbie626
Hi Tengaged,

Cannot Complete the Request Form?

1. Email me at
2. Title the email "BETA ACCOUNT REQUEST"
3. Provide the message with the questions (e.g. username choice, choice #2, email, etc.)

I have made an announcement last year about and I am looking for some BETA testers to help out before I launch the site on June 12th! 

This project was inspired by the lack of administrative activity one year ago. I am really happy to see Randomize becoming active and updating the site. I wanted my own community and really do something about group games and make a focus on how automated games are.

This project WILL NOT have automated games. It is strictly community-driven. There is an automated point system such as XP, blog points, Karma, and so on for activity rewards and challenge/level-up completions. We will reward Game Hosts Karma and the Top 3 in their group games.

Mini-Games (I am planning on developing more Survivor and Big Brother theme mobile-friendly game to provide some live action to make Group Games closer to the real thing. Of course, game hosts will have the right to use their own creative challenges and use the flash HTML games for point/non-live challenges for some immunities or comps.

I am interested in getting some feedback or ideas for mini-games and users will get credit for them!

Tengaged will be our sister site and we will support this community forever. Hell, I will still play castings and rookies even if the project becomes successful. Tengaged will be linked and encourage to be linked! I feel better incentives for there is a need for more ORG communities and group games.

Make sure to complete the Account Request Form on the homepage:

- If you requested an account it has been deleted in the past so request again.
- I am looking for a passion committee of users about 3 English users/3 Spanish users/3 Brazil users to be a team and help motivate this project to be successful. It is fucking hard when you are alone.

The reason why I want 3 of each is because these are the 3 communities (2 of the groups post their community forever and I need their help to reach out to those users to create a community of their own again.

I am consider 1 English mod/ 1 Spanish mod/ 1 Brazil mod. Since the start of the project will be same that I can manage any issues on my own so do not ask me. If you are passionate and want to contribute to the site please do so by requesting a beta account and joining on June 12th. We can go from there!



Oh shit
Sent by Answerable,Apr 18, 2021
oh wow this looks fun
Sent by Yawnha,Apr 18, 2021
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 18, 2021
chile... this website is serving 2003
Sent by WillyEx,Apr 18, 2021
jk i plan to join it whenever u launch it <3
Sent by WillyEx,Apr 18, 2021
Oh cool
Sent by KrisStory,Apr 18, 2021
The register button does not function
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Apr 18, 2021
Washed_Ravioli the form or the actual site (Registration is disabled)
Sent by Robbie626,Apr 18, 2021
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Apr 18, 2021
oh baby randomize about to disappear your ass
Sent by Yaxha,Apr 19, 2021
I’m spanish, I sent the request:)
Sent by Diva_,Apr 19, 2021
Ooo good luck :)!
Sent by ZEEnon,Apr 19, 2021
This is a cool idea! I always thought it’d be fun if randomize gave group game hosts the ability to put his flash comps in their games
Sent by boneworks,Apr 19, 2021
Good luck!!
Sent by Allison,Apr 19, 2021
Lmfao even the icons are the same
Sent by manopause,Apr 19, 2021

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