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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

[IDEA] Sole Survivor: Duel Island

Apr 17, 2021 by Robbie626
- 12 Players
- Orange & 15T$

Basic Information:
You and 11 other castaways have been stranded on Tengaged's Duel island nearby the never-changing Tengaged Survivor Island. You must outplay, outwit, and outlast your entire tribe. In this game, your tribes can redeem themselves and return to the game. The Jury of 5 will determine the sole survivor among 2 finalists.

What are the Basic Components?
- Health (Similar to Hunger)
- Food and Water Storage
- Immunity & Reward Challenges
- Duel Island in-game page (like bets)

You need 50 Health to enroll and your player health will determine how much health you will start with. Unlike traditional survivors, you will not have food or water levels, but 0 - 100 Health Points like Hunger Games.

You will lose 0.1 health every 10 minutes. Hunting and Gathering water is FREE. However, you will use your health for the challenges. It will cost 3 Health points to play immunity and 2 Health points to play the reward challenge,

In order to regain the health you can do the following:
- Consume food (increase 1 health each)
- Drink water (increase 2 health each)
- Poll Bush (62.5% chance of increasing health by 3 or 25% to decrease health by 1.5) (12.5% chance finding a key (few details below about key idols) (5 bushes with heart, 2 bushes with poison, 1 bush with key) (only once per day)
- You cannot die (you just will not be able to compete in challenges (you can compete in the duel if you are voted out).

Food and Water Mechanic
- Each game starts with 50 food / 50 water (Each person is entitled to 5 food and water)
- You can only consume the food and water you hunt and gather.
- HOWEVER, the storage limit remains the same and you can only hunt and gather food if there is room. You can be petty and hog the storage to make another struggle with their essential needs.
- Each hunt and water increases 5 at a time instead of 10 each.
- only the first 2 tribmates can gather water at a time when it rains.

- All players will have 120 seconds to compete in all challenges (immunity, reward, and the duel)
- The highest score for immunity will be rewarded a green checkmark the next day and safe from the tribal council.
- The highest score for reward will win 6T$ the next day (if the winner is voted off no one will be rewarded)
- Once 2 people have been voted off, a duel challenge will be available for the 2 tribes mate to compete (cost 0 health to play it).
- Challenge scores will be invisible to others

Health Bonus
90 - 100 = +30%
80 - 89 = +25%
70 - 79 = +20%
60 - 69 = +15%
50 - 59 = +12%
40 - 49 = +10%
30 - 39 = +8%
20 - 29 = +6%
10 - 19 = +4%
0 - 9 = +3%

Key Idols
- Just like casting, pop-ups will appear and will give you a challenge advantage with a 0.5% bonus to all future challenge scores. If you find 10 keys, you will get an extra 5% bonus added to your health bonus. Keys will not keep you safe, but it is a hidden advantage in case you are not a strong comp beast.
-You can find key idols in the poll bush with a 12.5% chance

If you have 94.6 Health and your opponent has 89.7 Health

Find Me
You: 145 (Final: 145 + 30% = 188.5)
Opponent: 148 (148 + 25% = 185)
The more healthy you are, the better advantage you have over someone a bit weaker. However, you should rely on getting a higher score as health can mean nothing.

What happens if I get voted out?
When your tribe votes you out, you will have a question mark (but you will be fated out) your eviction is pending. You cannot comment, cannot eat or drink (health will decrease as normal), and cannot compete in any challenges. You can only view (Duel button in-game page).

All the food and water you gather will be divided among the remaining tribemates eventually. For instance, if you hunted 3 times and gather water once. 8 tribe members on the tribe still (they each would get 1.8 = 2 food and 0.6 = 1 water of resource)

The Tengaged team has provided a full supply of food and water (100 food and 100 water (no restrictions free for all who have arrived on the island. Voted-off players can hunt and gather water as they wish and they must share the resources among anyone who joins them. Once another tribemate gets voted off and enters the duel page. A Duel button to the challenge will be available (health and key idol bonuses will be applicable to the duel scores).

The opponent with the lowest score will finally get evicted. Once 3 duel challenges have occurred, the winner of that duel will return back to the island with their tribemates.

Day 1 - 12 Tribe mates (TM)
Day 2 - 12 TM
Day 3 - 11 TM, 1 TM on island (12 in game)
Day 4 - 10 TM, 2 TM on island (12 in game 1st duel)
Day 5 - 9 TM, 2 TM on island (11 in game 2nd duel)
Day 6 - 8 TM, 2 TM on island (10 in game 3rd duel)
Day 7 - 9 TM, 0 TM on island (9 in game no duel)
Day 8 - 8 TM, 1 TM on island (9 in game no duel)
Day 9 - 7 TM, 2 TM on island (9 in game 1st duel)
Day 10 - 6 TM, 2 TM on island (8 in game 2nd duel)
- Jury Starts Final 7 -
Day 11 - 5 TM, 2 TM on island (7 in game 3rd duel)
Day 12 - 6 TM, 0 TM on island (6 in game no duel)
Day 13 - 5 TM, 1 TM on island (6 in game no duel)
Day 14 - 4 TM, 2 TM on island (6 in game 1st duel)
Day 15 - 3 TM, 2 TM on island (5 in game 2nd duel)
Day 16 - 2 TM, 2 TM on island (4 in game final duel)
Day 17 - Final 3 Immunity challenge (lowest score will be voted off)
Day 18 - Last Day Jury of 5 votes for winner.

This game will be 9 real days long.

1: 140K - 200T$
2: 80K - 100T$
3: 50K - 50T$
4: 40K - 25T$
5: 30K - 15T$
6: 20K - 0T$
7: 10K - 0T$

T$ is limited to Top 5 due to reward challenge. Only the Jury can earn karma

1. Do not stress out about tribe mates taking your food because it is not allowed. Make sure to hunt and gather water as much as you can so you can increase your health throughout the game.

2. Keys will appear once every 1 - 2 hours (at most 6 - 8 keys per day change.

3. Know your best challenges. Play the reward if you need the T$, play immunity if you know you have a fair chance or a target! Keep your health high as possible for the duel challenges because those will decide your fate in the game.

4. You want to get voted off to play the 3rd duel before returning, you do not want to have to win 2 or 3 duel challenges to return back in the game.

5. Never eat or drink with no fire as always. Stoking the fire is FREE, but do you really want to give tribe mates the opportunity to increase their health?

6. Make sure to use your resources as space is limited or your tribemates can be annoyed and send you off the duel island. They will take your resources while you are away!


EDIT1: Decrease each key idol from giving 1% to 0.5% bonus.


Seems a bit complex while ready but has potential to be fun to play :)
Sent by Jaxon,Apr 17, 2021
Will read later
Sent by Hunty,Apr 17, 2021

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