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  2. 8 more for frooks
  3. 3 more for frooks pussyss
  4. Join frooks if ur not a pussy
  5. Frooks anyone??
  6. oooffff
  7. 6 more for frooks
  8. can u still buy ts from tengaged
  9. can u still buy ts from tengaged
  10. Heyy
  11. Okay im tired of it so heres the stars tea
  12. Who should I nominate for 12th?
  13. This is Michael, not Bryce lol
  14. Um.
  15. IM BACK
  16. Gift Ametrine!
  17. (for Bryce) ok on the side note
  18. You know what else is a conspiracy
  19. Happy Birthday
  20. Gift Ametrine
  21. heyyy
  22. sponsor me hgg!!!
  23. Fuck, Marry, Kill
  24. if you dont want your nudes leaked
  25. if i was in hg before current one
  26. Do you ever feel like a waste of space
  27. I'm not 100% quitting but
  28. time to expose (pic)
  30. how do you refund ts you have bought
  31. how do you refund ts you have bought
  32. ty for the gift mom and dad
  33. ty for doubling my ts <3
  34. i have never wanted someone to die
  35. pyn and ill tell you
  36. apparently
  37. who wants my account
  38. lost so many friends over a frookies
  39. mkay so since im clearing my stock
  40. Omg I'm such a threat

Gift Ametrine

Oct 28, 2017 by Rizzo
The Blue Eyes please!!!! She needs it :(!!!!

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